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Friday, September 6, 2019

Rocking Your World 2019; Week 36

This has, of course, been a relatively quiet week, as it always is when the summer draws to a close. I am sure, all over the country, mums have been proudly displaying "First day of school" photos. They record such a special moment, and although they are really only important to the parents themselves, they are moments to treasure for ever. 

This week my grand-daughter posted her two; Isaac is now 8, but Alfie will be 5 at Christmas so this was his first day in 'big school'. He looks really happy to be going which is a bonus. 

I posted back with this photo of his Grandad, my son Michael with his big brother James, on Mike's first day. I just love that photo and it is still one of my favourites. Uniform for primaries was much stricter in those days, but they did look cute in it.

On Sunday we took our grandson Mikey and his girlfriend back to Almeria airport. We were not in a hurry to get back home, so we detoured via the coast to find a coffee stop. Ameria is the capital city of our province, but it is built right on the coast, so you can literally drive through the shops and in two minutes you are on the beach. The airstrip runs parallel to it so when the planes leave and take off you think are going to end up in the sea!
The main beaches were very crowded with local folk and the last of the holidaymakers, making the most of a sunny Sunday morning, but we drove a bit further along and stopped by a lovely deserted stretch of coast line. It was so calm and peaceful there.
As you can see it is a bit short on facilities so we got back in the car and drove a bit further inland until we came to an open market. It was very busy but we managed to grab a parking space as someone drove away, and we spent a pleasant hour browsing the stalls. There was lovely fruit and vegetables on sale, but I really didn't need much. We did buy big, red plum tomatoes and two delicious melons. You couldn't buy just one but we thought we'd be able to manage two, but when we got them home they seemed a lot bigger than at the market. Still the first one has gone, so next week we will enjoy the other one.
We found a refreshment stall near the entrance, with a big sail providing shade, so we sat and had a drink and some yummy fresh cooked churros, before driving home.
Each evening we have had one or two cicadas coming to rest on our fly screen. They are amazing creatures, with very stiff, strong wings and a very ugly pattern on their back. They have a 'sound box' inside their abdomen which the males use to attract a mate. The sound is almost deafening some days, but they go silent as soon as you approach them. The days are drawing in now so they won't be around much longer, but I did manage to find this one that had fallen into the pool. So I scooped him out to take some photos.
Here is a close-up of the 'false face' on its back. Not very pretty is it?

I have been grateful for slightly cooler evenings to sit out on the porch with my crochet. I still need the big fan on to handle the wool, but bed-times are a bit more comfortable. All of us, but particularly our visitors, have suffered a lot with insect bites this year; far worse than we have had in previous years. So when I sit out at night I burn a citronella candle to keep the tiny ones that can come through the net, well away from me. Because the fan would blow it out, we put it on the floor which protects our legs and ankles. Nearby there is a small white footstall, and Tango has taken to sitting on it each evening. He seemed transfixed by the flame, not making any effort to touch it, but just staring at it. The dogs hate citronella and keep a safe distance away, but it doesn't seem to bother him at all.
Although there is plenty of washing and cleaning to do, I always feel a bit at a loose end when the visitors leave, so this week I have kept busy making Christmas cards. I got out my Brushos (ink dye crystals for anyone who doesn't know), and played around making backgrounds. Then I used a new die to cut out a fancy silhouette of the three kings. I made a set of eight to start with, getting two cards out of each sheet of backing paper I had made. I cut the die from black card or mirri-card according to what colour looked best. Here are just two of my set.
Because I was quite happy with the end result, I had another play with the Brushos and made a second set of eight. I entered these in my usual Christmas card challenge on Rudolph Day (25th of each month), and  I won the prize for August of a nice Christmas script die. 
Over the last couple of days I have made a set of twelve different cards, ready for the challenge at the end of this month. Now I have enough to start writing some to take to UK when I go.
Sadly for Ben, he is still waiting for Dave's death certificate so he can't plan the funeral yet, but he has other things that he can start moving on. I am so grateful for our smart phones, that have enabled me to chat with Ben every evening, sometimes for several hours, as the evenings are the hardest time to be alone.
I don't want to end on a sad note so here are a few funny things that have caught my eye over the passed few weeks. This just shows what a silly language we have at times.
This is so true. I wonder if they actually realise it.
And this one, I just loved those little faces!

Now I will link up with Annie's Friday Smiles and Rocking Your World. See you next week.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Rocking Your World 2019: Week 35

So another week has passed, and although I am so very sad about the events of last week, there has been plenty to make me smile as well, so that is what I am focusing on today.

We had a really lovely week with our grand-daughter Emma, her husband and two gorgeous little boys. They chose to pose for a family group by our pretty pink bougainvillea. They were with us until Wednesday, but last Sunday we were also joined by her brother Mikey.

I used to mind these two from when they were babies until I took my last job as a nursery manager. It was a full-time post, and although they were both in school by then, I wasn't free to collect them, and their mum had to make other arrangements. But it is lovely to see them grown up, and Emma with a family of her own now.

Mikey has spent the last four or five Christmasses with us, and he is coming again this year, but he wanted some Spanish sunshine as well. This time he brought his girlfriend Lily with him, and they are here until Sunday.

The young folk spent some lovely times on the beach and up at the big village pool, and also spent hours on end in our pool. But we did have some nice excursions out together as well. One day we went up to Mojacar Pueblo. They didn't see it at its best as they were busy preparing for a fiesta that started that night, but we still had a good wander around before going down to the beach. There is a big 'fortress' church up at the top with a lovely pastel painted fresco, and we went in there to light a candle for Dave, which pleased Ben.

Another evening we all went down to Garrucha for our favourite walk along the promenade and around the harbour and marina. All summer there is a small street market every night, and Emma stopped to have a braid put into her hair. It was still there when she went home.

The little ones kept us on tenterhooks as they ran from side to side of the boardwalks out between the boats in the marina. The sea is full of little fish and they wanted to watch them. When we got to the end we managed to sit them still for long enough to get a lovely photo with Great-grandad and then  one with Great-grandma.

As we walked the sun was going down and the sky turned a lovely misty pink and grey.
We watched it as it turned to a deep gold with a lovely silhouette of the domed rooftops, and the masts of the yachts. I was pleased with this picture.

Once again Kim was so patient with his house being invaded, and was especially good with the children. Isaac is not a 'dog person', and we thought he would just avoid Kim, but instead Kim became really attached to him, and went straight to him every time he came home. He kept a proprietorial paw on his leg, and didn't let anyone else sit by him. Isaac loved the attention and they became firm friends.
Little Alfie was not quite so sure of him, though he wasn't bothered by him either, but he preferred the cats and was so pleased when Tango sat beside him for a bit of fuss. Tango doesn't look impressed but we know he is never as grumpy as he looks, and was purring contentedly at the time.
Both boys remembered that when they visited last year we all went to an ice-cream parlour in Mojacar, and wanted to go again. So one day we had an earlier dinner and then went down for our dessert.
There is a wide menu and we all chose something different. There was even a cute little bird for Alfie with feathers in its head.
This one was my choice. Very, very naughty, but also very, very nice!

The day Emma and family went home was Isaac's 8th birthday. As they had to leave for the airport at 7.30 in the morning we decided to make the night before a bit special for him. We all went out to dinner at a bar-restaurant in the village. We weren't sure what it would be like as it is under new management and we have not eaten there since the change. But we need not have worried. We all had a lovely meal and the young girl now running it, couldn't have been nicer to us. I had made a simple birthday cake that morning and taken it round to the bar before everyone arrived. It is too hot for that sort of cooking really, but I took it on freeze blocks in a cool bag, and it survived. 
After our meal, the waitress brought it out and lit the candles and we all sang Happy Birthday to him. The restaurant was full and everyone joined in, lots of them singing in Spanish. (They use the same tune  as us, but I don't know the words of the last line). The only picture I have of him blowing his candles out is this screen shot from a video in WhatsApp, so it has the play button in the middle and is not very good. But sufficient to say he enjoyed his special tea. When we got home he was  allowed to open a present (another Arsenal kit of course!), and some cards before falling into bed ready for an early start the next day.

There is no further news from UK. Ben is still waiting for the outcome of an inquest before he can make any further plans, so I will probably be back next week as usual.
I really appreciated all your kind comments last week. Thank you all. x
Time now to link up to Annie's Friday Smiles and Virginia's blog, Rocking Your World. Have a good week everyone.