Saturday, June 6, 2009

Introducing the latest addition to our family

Well here she is. This morning Chris and I drove to Murcia to collect Destino, who is now two months old and ready to leave her mum. She is the funniest little thing, as light as a feather, and mostly fluff! She is everything that Paco isn't - short and round with short, stocky legs, little ears and a big round face. I had to include this funny picture of her. She is sitting on my lap and I just caught her on camera looking quite wild. Introducing her to Paco was not a huge success. Although she is only a few days younger than him, he is quite a bit bigger and she is more of a baby (Persians are slow developers. That's why she had to stay with her mum for longer than usual). She will almost certainly be bigger than him in the end. Paco thinks she is just another toy and he plays too rough. She can be surprisingly feisty and it was Destino who did the growling, but although she returned blow for blow, Paco has much longer legs so it was his 'punches' that found their mark. He would have made mincemeat of her, so we have had to separate them, one with me and one with Chris today, and we swap over every now and then so they get to be comfortable with both of us. Each day I will put them together for a bit longer and they'll soon learn to get along. When she is a bit bigger I think Destino will be more than able to stick up for herself. We have to wait for her pedigree forms to come through the post but I think her father was called Bad Morang, and she looks like him. She is going to need a lot of grooming so I will try to brush her every day so she gets used to it from the start.It has been very windy today, almost too windy to sit outside though I did manage an hour after lunch. It was my turn to have Paco and he was quite scared when leaves, papers and my wind chimes started blowing around. But it was still warm with just a few clouds. The setting sun reflected off them and gave us a pretty sunset. We haven't had many good skies since we moved off the coast so I'll put this one in. It's a pity about the cable across it, but you can't get away from them out here. I thought the clouds looked a bit like a map of UK. There is also an almost full moon tonight which I managed to catch on camera as it was rising, with the 'misty mountains' behind it. It was taken at 9.00 tonight, just as it was getting dark. I have just been out to take another one. The light from my window is just catching on the orleander in the foreground.

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