Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lights in the heavens

And God said, "Let there be lights in the heavens to separate day from night". These pictures were taken just as the moon was setting and the sun rising to herald the coming of another day. Getting up with the dogs between half six and seven means we often see the sun rise. Some mornings it is almost too dark to put out their breakfast which they eat before we go for a quick walk. Then they wait while we have our cuppa before they get their long walk. The system works quite well for us all. Sometimes the sunrise is pearly lilacs and pinks, but the last couple of weeks have started with some low cloud and the sun rise is more red and orange with a dark layer above it. We have been watching the moon wax and wane, and here it is on the 'wane' part of it's cycle. We should see plenty of stars from the village at night, but we have surprisingly good street lighting which often makes the stars harder to see. Anyway they have mostly gone by the time we get up again, all except for this one bright star which this week has hovered above the thin moon, and it is a lovely sight to greet us each morning. Of course the camera can't do justice to it, but it's better than nothing.
On Monday we waved Jonathan off at the airport. I had got quite used to him being around and it seems very quiet now. On his last day we thought we would go out for lunch. He wasn't flying until 8.00, which meant leaving here around 5.30 to get him to Almeria two hours before his flight, so he would miss out on an evening meal. We didn't fancy driving down to the sea as it is at its busiest this month, and the traffic can be quite bad, so we went in the opposite direction, up in the hills to B├ędar, (the little white village in the background of my previous village view photo). We sat on the roof terrace of a very nice restaurant from where we had a view right across the valley and down to the sea. It was the one where we had coffee with Dorothy and Jean on their last day. We had one of the nicest simple meals we've had so far, on Monday. I would definitely go there again.
A couple who live in northern Spain and who follow my blog, were able to tell me that the pink flowering shrub all over the campo, (see the picture in my previous posting) is tamarisk. As soon as they told me I thought 'I should have known that'. I love all the flower names; oleander, jacaranda, frangipani, tamarisk. Don't they just conjure up pictures of tropical landscapes as soon as you hear them? They are familiar to me from the many novels I have read about life in distant places, but it is so great to be able to match them to their actual flowers. I am learning new ones every day.
Today, being weekend again, we decided not to risk the campo at Huerta Nueva for our walk in case they were out shooting again, so we drove up to the back of the village. It turned out to not be ideal as much of the land was 'privada', and there were several loose dogs around so we didn't let ours off their leads. I keep Foxy on a lead anyway as she decided to take off last week and wouldn't come when called. We were ages coaxing her back, which disturbed the other two who are very good at staying quite close to us. So I have bought one of the long retractable leads for Foxy and it gives her enough freedom to roam, without her being able to do another disappearing act! We walked up near the village sports centre today, and from there I took these two rather nice views of the village. If you look at the one I posted last time, taken from Huerta Nueva, this time we are standing behing the village at centre right of that view, looking in the opposite direction. Our villa can not be seen on either of them. We would be over on the left behind the square white building I think. (Don't forget, you can click on each picture to view it full screen. Then click on the green back arrow to return to the blog. If you click on the cross to turn it off you lose it all!).

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