Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A couple more new tastes to introduce you too.

Hi. I am turning into a real 'foodie' aren't I? I love trying out all the new and interesting foods that I come across out here. Some I love, and some I'll never bother with again, but I think they all deserve to be tried once. These fruits I had heard about when we were out here a few years back, but I had never tasted them before. They are known as Custard Apples because the flavour of their flesh is said to ressemble that of stewed apples and custard, but I prefer their real name which is Chirimoyas. They are grown just along the coast, south of here, at a place called Motril, which is known as the orchard of Spain as lots of fruit trees grow there. Chirimoyas are not eaten until they are almost over-ripe and going runny inside. I have to say I was a little disappointed with them. They are full of hard, black seeds, with just a little flesh clinging to each one, so if you dug the seeds out first there wouldn't be much left. I was eating mine at home so I sucked the pips and spat them out!! They did taste nice, and a bit 'appley' but I don't think they were really worth the cost or effort.
This one is a vegetable and it is called Callabaza which translates as pumpkin, but as you can see they don't bear much ressemblance to the pumpkins we saw at home. For one thing they are green, and I wouldn't fancy trying to cut a jack-o-lantern through that thick, knobbly skin. They are very big and everyone buys them by the slice. You show how much you wants and the market stall-holder cuts it off for you. I like it and keep some in the fridge while it is in season. It has a better flavour and texture than any pumpkin I have tried before, and is much easier to prepare and cook than swede. It can be boiled and mashed, steamed, microwaved, put in a casserole, and it roasts really fast like sweet potatoes do. Also it keeps it's bright orange colour when cooked, so it looks nice on the plate.
Well, we arrived in Spain a year ago on Friday, so I should have seen all the foods as they have had their season now, but I dare say a few more will come along. So anyone who comes to visit us, be prepared to try something new! And on the topic of visitors, we have Tom and Jessie coming out next week with Jean and Ron following them for our birthday week, so we have a lovely month to look forward to.

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