Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a view!

Hello again. I really didn't intend to do a blog today, but I have been playing around with some photographs. I downloaded a free thirty day trial of a program that 'stitches' together photos to make a panoramic view. We have some beautiful views around here and I thought it might be useful. I need a lot more practice but this is my first attempt. It is the campo where we walk the dogs each morning. First thing it is very beautiful and still. You can't hear traffic, or machinery, just birdsong, and the dogs panting as they run back to make sure we are still with them! This picture doesn't do it justice as I took the set on a misty day when the layers of mountains had almost disappeared. I just wanted something to play around with. I will try again on a clear day. At the minute the whole area is beginning to green up after the first rains. There is wild thyme in flower all over the place, making patches of lilac mist amongst the scrub. You can smell it as the dogs run through it, and I love it. (I have just looked at this on the blog and the big photo looks very blurred, but if you click on it, it comes up clear).
We are having the big drainage pipes layed outside the house today, so we quite hopeful that the road may return to normal soon. This picture was taken from the window of Chris' office. I did a supermarket shop this morning and we had to carry everything up along the mud from the car. Roll on the day when we can park outside our own house again!

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