Friday, March 19, 2010

It's strawberry time again.

Yes, we have had strawberries in the market for the past few weeks and lovely they are too! I have been waiting to see whether they drop in price a bit because I wanted to make some jam. I even brought a couple of bottles of Certo back home with me from the UK so I could set it. But the strawberries haven't got a lot cheaper, and this morning I went to Turre market and I had a chat with Josephina, the stall keeper who managed to get some bitter oranges for my marmalade. We exchange a few words each week now and she seems to understand what I say, and I can pick out enough words to get the gist of what she says to me. (I don't understand her husband though. His only speed is lightening speed!). Anyway she told me that the fruit is all staying expensive because of all the rain last month, and this is what we expected really. So I decided to go ahead and buy some strawberries anyway. I bought two and a half kilos; two for the jam and a half so we could enjoy some for our tea! They were huge and almost too good to use in jam, but they are always like that out here. I didn't want them to go off, so I thought I might as well get on and make the jam so that's how I spent my afternoon. Now I have about eleven pounds of lovely jam to go in the larder. Hopefully it will keep and will last us all year.

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