Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hi. Anyone who read my last posting about the rail-line with any interest, may also like to see this article below, taken from a local free English newspaper. (I think they need a better proof reader, but you get the gist of it.) A friend of mine from church, who follows my blog, sent me the link, and it does make for cvery interesting reading. It's an amazing piece of equipment.

I haven't done much to write about this week. It has been pretty hot, especially last weekend, so we have had a long siesta each day, and then I have tried to do some crafting. I have made a couple of birthday cards needed for September. It's hard to believe that my grandaughter Hannah is eleven next week, and the youngest one, Mike's Finlay, is four a fortnight later. I've also got some ATCs ready to post off to a swap in UK, and made a couple of sets of Christmas cards. My box is filling up slowly.

The two persian cats, Arwen and Baggins, are settling so well now. I had real concerns about Arwen particularly, but she has suddenly become so much calmer and more contented. She has been moulting, so she has of course grown some new fur, and the aweful steps and bald patches where she had her tangles cut out so badly, have almost covered over, which makes her look a lot better. They are both rather thin and boney still and neither of them eat like they have been half-starved before, but in this heat, no-one has a lot of appetite. I give them a vitimin gel each day, which gives them a little extra boost. Until now they have both tended to just stay in my room, and to encourage them to eat more, I have left their food out all day. This means I have to keep the doors shut so the other two don't come in to pinch it. But now I have got them into the same routine as Paco and Luna, where they have food in the morning and at teatime, and then I take their dishes away again. I do still give them theirs back at night as that is when they eat the most. The other two woof theirs down when I give it to them. But now Arwen and Baggins are beginning to mix with the other cats, and even the dogs sort of, and to go outside sometimes, and more importantly, they come home again, which means we can have all the doors pinned open and there is a good breeze through the house. It makes my room much more pleasant for working in. But I don't suppose I will get much crafting done this week as we have visitors, friends from Oswestry, arriving tomorrow for a week. So I am looking forward to some nice days out.

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  1. Hope you have a great time with your visitors. Days out for new material as well, I'm sure.


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