Friday, April 27, 2012


In my post before last - 22th April - I said that we had been to the beach with Jonathan and Ella, and how it was now possible, with my new camera, to take a panoramic view of Cala Carolina, instead of stitching several photos together as I had done previously. A friend has since pointed out that I then posted a photo, not of Calla Carolina, but of "the other bay", which I now know is Cala Cocedores. Call it a senior moment, or blame my bad eyesight. But just to make things right again:
Here is the beautiful Carolina beach;
And here is the equally beautiful Cala Cocedores;
The dark grassy mound to the right of the first photo and to the left of the second one,  are two sides of the same spit of land that joins the two bays.

 I actually  made the same mistake on my photo gallery, naming both bays, but showing the same one in the photos, so that has now been put right too. You can see it here.


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