Monday, May 7, 2012

A Brief Update

I promise I can do 'brief' occasionally and will try to manage it today. I just thought you might enjoy this sequel to the story of our sparrows. One of our fledglings decided to launch himself this morning but he landed on the ground, and was immediately pounced on by the dogs whom Chris had just let out of their bed to go for their morning walk. The poor bewildered bird hopped away from them and nose dived straight into our swimming pool where he was in danger of drowning!  

Chris fished him out and brought him in to me, and I settled him on a warm cloth in a box, covered by a net food cover. I left him in the sun until his feathers were dry and his little heart beat had slowed down a bit.
Then Chris got out his ladder and dropped him back into his nest, while mum and dad sparrow looked on. When I was working as a lab assistant in a school, the head of the biology department told me that birds will accept their young back after human handling, because they have no sense of smell. I hope that is the case and our little fellow will have now been fed, and been given some more flying lessons!


  1. Poor little thing, I hope he survives. Jean x

  2. Aw Kate - so sweet. Once rescued a nest of disturbed blackbirds (attacked by a magpie), replaced them as they'd all hopped out in fright and they lived to tell the tale. One of them had lost an eye in the fracas and he was still living and thriving with his own kids in the garden a few years later when I moved away. Fingers crossed!


  3. Awwwwww . . . well done for helping the little fella out. Hope he/she survives. Obviously a case of mistaken identity jumping in the pool . . . thought he was a duck! xxx


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