Friday, October 25, 2013

Rocking my World Friday!

If you still don't know what this is all about, please pop over to Virginia blog at Celtic House, where she explains all about it.

1). I started last week with a lovely picture of a sunset, so this week I thought I'd show you a sunrise instead. This was the sight that greeted me when I opened the front door to walk the dogs yesterday, at around 8.00a.m.

2). Other sights that have made me smile -  this row of Chris' brightly coloured t-shirts drying in the sun...
...and at the other end of the line, my equally colourful dresses. 
I am so glad that being retired doesn't mean going into drab greys and browns like it did years ago. I love our bright colours, and hope I will always be able to wear them.
3). I love the way Paco fits so neatly into the space between my two pot-towers. He sleeps there for hours now he doesn't need to stretch full length to keep cool.
I'm also very pleased with the way all the little cuttings I planted in the pots back in the spring, are growing. I think they have all taken root.
4). I just love this beautiful pink Incarvillea.
 It is actually planted in next door's garden, but it hangs mainly into our's. It is a very vigorous grower, and I cut it back quite ruthlessly several times a year, but in the Autumn it always gives this lovely display of flowers.
Some people complain about it because it drops a lot of debris, but I am happy to sweep up every now and then. I think it is worth it!
5). I finally got to make my Hot Chili and Ginger jam on Wednesday. It is not for the faint-hearted, but it does something special to a cheese sandwich, and I have customers who come back for more, over and over again. It is not my favourite one to make, but at least I went to bed breathing freely that night! (For those of you who don't know, and probably wonder why I am repeatedly making jam and pickles, I sell them in a local bar and all the money goes to a charity for the disabled children in our village).

I need to get a few more labels printed then these can join all the others in the store cupboard. I don't expect to be making any more this side of Christmas.
6). As I was getting very behind in the making of Christmas cards this year, I stepped out of my comfort zone and made a set of digital cards this week, though I did add a few embellishments, so they are sort of hybrids. You can see how these were made on my other blog by clicking here.
I was quite pleased with the way they turned out, and as the base image is stored on my computer, I could easily print off some more.
7). I also made some other Christmas cards this week, using my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine. What was positive about them, was that my machine had developed a fault that seemed terminal, but when I phoned up the technician at the company where it was made, he talked me through the problem and suggested remedies that had it back in full working order in no time. He took his time, and explained things properly, and it is just so nice to get such friendly and helpful customer support. So thumbs up to Graphtec. Again you can read more about these cards by clicking here.
8). And finally something that has made a huge difference to me. We went to a ferreteria (literally an ironmongers, but they sell all sorts of things. A bit like Wilkinsons in UK), down in Mojacar this week, looking for a new up-lighter for Chris' office, and while we were there he bought me a new light-fitting for my kitchen. I inherited with the house, a circular steel arm that held four spotlights. This was much too modern for the style of the kitchen, it didn't give enough light, and the bulbs only lasted for a few weeks, so we seemed to be always replacing them. I now have a pair of flourescent tubes neatly hidden behind frosted glass in a wooden frame, which is much less conspicuous and it gives me so much more light. My eye-sight is not good and I need lots of light where-ever I am working, so this is a fantastic improvement.
So now it is time to join Virginia at her blog to see what is rocking your work this week.


  1. Wow you've had an awesome week, can you send some of that beautiful sunshine this way! I love love love all the bright t-shirts and dresses - reminds me of summer when we've woken to the darkest of days and it's very very grey!

    Your cat looks so cute under those pots and obviously enjoys it there. Loving all the pickles and chutney's how fantastic to do that to raise money for charity! Well done you on getting to grips with the Christmas cards, I too have embraced them over recent weeks as I knew that i didn't have quite enough done and the rushed ones near Christmas are never nearly as good as they should be!

    And how fabulous that you managed to sort the technical issues out with your machine.

    I hope this week is truly beautiful and blessed


  2. Good for you raising money for charity. I'm loving all those beautiful bright photos to brighten up this dull and dank British day.
    Hope your coming week rocks :) xx

  3. Your cat looks very comfy there! Love the sunrise, what beautiful colours. The chutney looks amazing as do your cards. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#4)

  4. Fabulous photos of the garden and the blooms. \\kitty looks very comfortable basking in the sun!

    I did not know you made the jams and jellies for charity. How very good of you! Your post about it was very uplifting!
    Off to check out your other blog for the Christmas cards...

  5. Lovely Pictures! The kitty looks happy in the sun!


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