Friday, November 29, 2013

Rocking my world Friday.

My how the weeks are rushing by! I seem to be busy every day trying to finish one project or another. But I did manage to finish one this week, and that was the making of Fatty Lumpkin.

He is made from crocheted African flower motifs, which are then crocheted together. You may remember that a few months back I also made a hippopotamus in the same way. They are firm friends now. Here they are chatting together in the garden like two old folk on a park bench!

It almost seems a shame to separate them, but they will go in my Gallarte sale next week, and I doubt they will both end up with the same owner. (I have already shown these pictures on my craft blog, but I make no apologies for showing them again, as this blog tends to have a different readership).

I finished making the pony sitting out in the garden earlier this week, in a lovely sunny sheltered spot, and it was really warm. But winter has suddenly come with a vengeance since then, with heavy rain and a big drop in temperatures. I have even had my fire on in here, and I only did that about twice last year! But the rain is something most folk around here are truly grateful for. This is an agricultural area, and the water was badly needed.

What else has rocked my world this week? Well last Saturday our choir made their first public appearance of the season. We were invited to attend the British Legion Christmas fair, and we sang about half of our concert programme which was very warmly received. The fair was in this somewhat unpromising building.
It is in the village of Alfoquia and is a part of the old railway buildings. The wide open space to the left was the track, most of which is still there, and over the other side of that is the station building. There was a good crowd at the fair all looking very festive. 

There were a variety of hand-made products on sale, from jewelry to jams, and fudge to flower arrangements. We bought some lovely baked goods which kept our tea-plates filled for a few days. We have five more concerts to fit in between now and Christmas, as well as one early in January.
When the sun was still shining earlier this week, Chris decided it was time to cut the roses hard back for the winter. Before he did, he rescued three beautiful flowers for me, and two of them are still looking good today.
Late roses give me a real moment of nostalgia. Mum

used to save little quotations she saw and pin them to picture frames or stick them to the fridge. And the one that I have never forgotten said "God gave us our memories that we might have roses in December". We hardly need our memories for that now as many of the modern roses go on blooming late into the year, but seeing my vase of flowers there, brings Mum straight back to me. As does the calendar you can see hanging behind the flowers. It is an Apples of Gold calendar, so named from a verse in Proverbs that reads " Words aptly spoken are like apples of gold on settings of silver". Basically it is a picture, (which always used to be a basket of apples, but they no longer adhere to that), with a block attached that gives a verse of scripture for every day of the year. Mum had a very good friend whom she kept in touch with all through their lives, and every year this friend would send mum an Apples of Gold calendar. When my sister and I were small, we would fight over whose turn it was to pull the page off each day. And Mum's motto being "Never take a day until the Lord has given it to you", woe betide us if, in our enthusiasm, we tore two off. It would be put back on until the next day came. So that calendar has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. When we all left home, mum started to send us our own calendar every year. She passed away in her ninetieth year, some twenty years ago, and then one of my sisters continued the tradition, and she now sends our calendar every year. If a verse particularly struck mum as being apt at the time, she would pin that up along with her other quotations, and I do just the same! So that little picture behind my roses is very special, as it keeps alive one of my memories or my 'roses in December'. Family rocks my world.

Well that is enough sentimentality for today, so I'll end with this photo that rather tickled me. I was out shopping this morning and I went to a supermarket that is difficult to park right outside, so I usually park in a lay-by and walk up to it. This involves walking across a wide strip of rough land, I suppose it is an empty building plot really, but it is covered in rough scrub and wild flowers. If you cross it on a hot day you are surrounded by a cloud of grass-hoppers. I have never seen a small area so densely populated with them. But as I crossed it today I was amused to see this white bird wandering around ahead of me.
I don't know what it was. it had a long neck and looked more like a young goose than anything else. I couldn't get close enough to have a proper look, but I did just get this quick shot on my phone. It is mostly a very built-up area, with lots of housing and a school right by, so I have no idea where it came from, but it seemed to know where it was going!
And now I am off to link up with Virginia's blog at Celtic House. See you all next week.

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  1. Oh what a lovely post and yes it's people that Rock my world every single week. I love your list, your Christmas fair looks fabulous, I love all the red inside the venue! Fabulously festive.

    I'm also loving the rose trigger for a memory and what a beautiful rose it is too!

    Loving your makes as well, they do look very happy together so bright and cheery!

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

    Much love


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