Friday, August 15, 2014

Rocking Your World 2014; Week 33

I am sure this will not make most of you smile, but it did me.

Yes it's rain, falling on our flagged path this morning. We have had so little rain this year, everywhere is parched and brown, and we certainly don't expect it in August. Our local forecaster was predicting it, but we all shrugged it off, expecting any that did fall, to land on the surrounding hills before it got to us. But at around 10.00 this morning, it started. And what did we do? Well we went and stood in it of course! 

It actually turned into quite a downpour for a while. The water was bouncing off the pool, as I quickly moved some garden cushions to more sheltered places, and made sure my flower pots were far enough away from the walls to benefit from the shower. 
It was, however, fairly localised. I could see the blue
sky just beyond the black clouds. It rained for longer than I expected it too, so maybe it was enough to give the plants a boost, though I doubt whether it will have much impact on the low level of water in the reservoirs. But it 'laid the dust', and the temperature has dropped a few degrees which is a great relief to everyone. Even the Spanish folk have been moved to comment on the heat this week, and they are not as prone to commenting on the weather as we British are!
So how have I occupied my time while it has been so hot this week? Well I have been very grateful for the pool to dip in when I need to cool off. We were in it around midnight most nights, and it is such a relaxing way to end the day.
I am also grateful for our shady porch, and the fly screen which takes the edge off the heat of the sun. By around 4.00 most afternoons, there is enough shade for me to sit out there and do some more of my cross-stitch picture. I feel I have made real progress with it lately, though there is still a way to go.
I have also made some progress with the re-organisation of my craft room. The shed I mentioned last week is constructed and duly filled, giving me more space in my utility and garage. So now I am able to move some of my 'stuff' out there. But first it has to be sorted through. It is amazing what you find when you sort out. Things you knew you had, but had forgotten about. It makes progress slow but I am getting there!
I spent one day sorting out my beads. Have I ever mentioned I am a hoarder?! I can't bear to throw away anything that I might be able to use one day, which means I have very large collections of some things. I love my patterned papers and my beads. I don't even feel the need to use them - just to get them out and sort through them now and then. I think it is part of being  born a Libran, that I like order, and often get more pleasure from sorting and organising things, than I do from actually using them. So here is my  collection of beads.
Sorting them is always difficult because you are sure to come across something that doesn't fit into any of your categories, so you have rethink. Here they are almost done to my satisfaction. You can just glimpse Arwen's tail in the top, right-hand corner. I had to get all the beads sorted and the lids firmly closed before she took it upon herself to move, and knock them all over the floor! It took me all day, so I have a few more weeks of sorting to do before everything is ready to be moved.
This is  my attempt to photograph the super-moon on Sunday night! There were too many surrounding lights to focus on it. I have to admit that the blue on the floor is not moonlight. It comes from a very powerful spotlight, mounted on a car.
And what was the spotlight for? Well it was part of a very bizarre piece of street drama that marked the end of 'theatre week' in the village. Basically it was three people travelling in a car, and they were lost, so they kept stopping to ask the way. The man and woman got out each time they stopped, and interacted with the crowd. Then the mother of the woman, (actually a young man in costume) had to get out. 
There were loads of folk lining the streets to witness this, especially families with young children although it was by this time well after 11.00 at night. At one stopping place they were joined by a young  man riding a miniature motor bike, which, of course, the elderly mother wanted to try.
He showed her how to use it and she took off up the road at quite a speed,deliberately swerving from side to side across the road, then doing a sharp U-turn and driving back to the car! The people were surging all over the road and they sort of parted like a tidal wave to let the motorbike through and then surged together again. Health and Safety as we know it just doesn't exist out here!

One evening this week I had a phone call from a man from the camera club I have just joined, inviting us to join him at the local bar, so he could show me more things about my camera. I think they are going to be a very supportive group. Here is Chris enjoying the Spanish way of life, while Arthur and I talked cameras!
A couple of days ago I spotted this rather handsome beetle in our garden. Of course I ran in for my camera, and when I had taken a few shots I sent him on his way. Looking him up later in Google, I learned that he is the dreaded red palm weevil that is causing such devastation among the lovely palm trees in this area. If I had known that sooner, he might not have survived his camera shoot!
I am so happy for my internet friend Annie (of Annie's Friday Smiles). Today she is moving into her new home after a year or so of frustrating broken contracts, and other problems. She's been packed and ready for months, so I really hope that everything is going smoothly for her today.
And now I'll leave you with a new sunset photo. It's
been a while since we had one, but as a run up to today's downpour, there have been a few clouds just lately, and one evening I noticed some nice colour in the sky. You have to be quick out here or you miss it, but by the time I had collected my camera and got outside, I was rewarded with this lovely sight.
A minute or two later and it had gone completely!
So now I must be gone, and see what else I can get sorted today. But first I'll pop over and link up with Annie's Friday Smiles and Rocking Your World over on Virginia's blog. See you next week.


  1. Right Kate, I am wrapping up some of our rain and posting it over to you!!
    Gorgeous sky.

  2. Ah bless what a fab week, glad you are enjoying the pool - a midnight dip sounds fab. Loving the Spanish way of life with the glass of wine, hope you are getting to grips with your camera. The sunset is spectacular! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

    Much love

  3. I am glad you enjoyed the rain this morning, I bet your plants enjoyed it too. The evening street entertainment sounds like fun and it looks as if every one was enjoying it. Beautiful amazing colour in your sunset photo.
    Jean x

  4. What a colourful place you live in.So glad about the rain..LOVELY!!

  5. Hi Kate....what a great week you've had...and like us here in Queensland Australia, enjoying some well needed rain today. Happy Friday Smiles Robyn

  6. Oh Kate. Glad to hear you have had some rain at last. That weevil is pretty but looks like the lily weevil we have here which obliterates our lilies and some other plants.


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