Friday, September 5, 2014

Rocking your world 2014;Week 36

Despite sitting at my computer to write this early this morning, it is now tea-time and I am just getting started. There are just so many interesting things to look at when you switch on in the morning, and I'm very easily distracted!
That said, I have very little to write about this week. It has been a good week. 
I managed to have a long video chat with son number two this morning, using Skype. He is off work with a prolapsed disc, and is very bored with lying flat on his back. Unfortunately he has had similar problems before which resulted in him needing surgery, and that is the case again this time. They don't have a free slot until early October, but I was pleased to see that he is keeping cheerful, and making the best of the situation.
We still had our son Tom with us until late Tuesday night, so I am very grateful for lots of time to sit and chat with him, and catch up on how life is treating him. It was good to see him relaxing, enjoying the sun and the water, and just chilling out - if you can chill in the hot Spanish sun!
He had a final dip in the pool at midnight, before heading off for the airport at around 2.00am.

The other thing that has made this such a good week is the compete revamping of my craft room, so this week you will have a guided tour of how it was done.
Tom was a huge help to me, as my new furniture arrived from IKEA at 9.00 on Monday morning. (They rang me on Sunday afternoon to say they would be here at 8.00 so I was up in good time). It was only a desk and a book shelf but they were big, solid pieces, and Chris and I would have struggled to handle them without Tom.

Of course the first task was to prepare the room by emptying most of my stuff into our bedroom. There is a bed under there somewhere! On an earlier visit to IKEA we had bought a two-wheeler sack
trolley, which proved invaluable with my heavy boxes of paper etc. This left me with an almost empty room though I did leave the old computer desk with the laptop still connected until the very last minute.

So first we rotated my big L-shaped work desk through 90 degrees and fitted it into the right hand corner under the window. Then we built the new computer desk, also sort of L-shaped, and fitted it into the left hand corner under the window. We moved the computer and printer across on to it, and demolished the old desk.
Next we built the new bookshelf, which has the old one on top of it, and put them in place. In my original plan I had turned my tall filing cabinet around so it protruded into the room, in order to get the book case in, but it turned out that this did not leave me enough space to get access to the built-in cupboard, so Tom suggested swapping it with the book case and pulling it out even further, so the case could slot just behind it, and this worked well.
Finally he helped me bring back my two storage units for the Really Useful boxes, and stack them one above the other. 
He had done all he could, so off he went to sit in the sun and share a few beers with his dad, and I set about returning all the boxes and files, and arranging them where I wanted them. I am very pleased with the end result, especially as I have achieved my main objective of de-cluttering and greatly enlarging my work area, which up to now has had one of the storage units on it. So here we go with a quick walk around the room.

Firstly, on the right as you enter is a built in wardrobe. The end section had four shelves filled with 'things that don't go any where else'. Then the double section has a hanging rail with a set of full-width drawers below it. The rail does house some of my clothes, but the drawers are filled with craft items!

Beside this, and directly in front of you as you come in, is the new and old book shelves which now house all my folders of stamps, ATCs, tutorial notes etc, and also some boxes of patterned paper snippets, WIP, and finished cards. This is flanked by the rotated filing cupboard where all my plain paper and card live, as well as embellishments, peel-offs, etc. (You can just see some of my favourite photos behind a set of magnetic frames, which have moved from the cabinet doors to the end panel).

Around the other side of this is my working area, with my desk, now cleared except for a few essential items that I like to keep close at hand.
I have quite a large mirror to go on the wall above the desk, but I want to do something with its frame, and add some vinyl before I hang it. The back of the cabinet is to my right and this is a handy place to store my magnets which I use to peg up items to dry, or bits I don't want to lose. And behind that is a table holding one of my mini sets of drawers, which makes good use of the 'dead space' created when I pulled the cabinet away from the wall.

To my left, the working area extends under the window. Arwen is happy to find she still has a place to lie in the sun. I had shut her in the bathroom while we were working and she was not too impressed when I first let her back in. But now she has found her spot, she is quite happy again. Of course the space under the desk is filled with more drawers and boxes housing glitter, spray paints, embossing powders, envelopes and much more.

And so on round to my lovely new computer desk. The coloured cloth covers my big wide-format printer, hopefully protecting it from cat hairs! The space on the right is perfect for when I am using my silhouette cutter. The shelf at the back is new, but this area will change a bit as I have been promised a new PC with a big, wide monitor, to replace my dying laptop, but I have to wait until my birthday and Christmas for that.

And finally, beyond the desk is a tall tower of wobbly plastic drawers, and then the double unit of boxes where my scrapbook papers, Christmas 'stuff', colour-sorted snippets, pens and ink pads etc live.

The drawers came with me from UK and they are not idea, but they serve to house, things I only use occasionally, like clay, templates, old wooden stamps, water pencils etc. Maybe one day I will buy one more narrow storage unit to match the rest, but it won't be just yet.
And then we are back to the door. 
So I really appreciate what a lucky lady I am, and I am filled with admiration for those of you who work from a dining room table etc. This is my craft haven, and I spend several hours in here most days. So really I have no excuse for not making lots of lovely things have I? And I am sure you can understand why I am so grateful and smiling this week. I like to work in an orderly way, and it gives me immense pleasure to have everything sorted like this. I just need to make a few more labels so I can find everything in its new home, and then it will be done.

Now before I go to link up with Annie's Friday Smiles - yes it is lovely to have her back, now settled into her new home - and Virginia's blog, Celtic House, I will just leave you with another beautiful sunset.
And as I got up earlier than usual to meet the IKEA men on Monday, I can also share a lovely sunrise. The sun is just peeping through the grape vines on the framework in the house across the road from us. Lovely eh?!


  1. It looks as though your reorganising went well and it's all looking very nice and tidy now.
    It was good that you tom there to help you.
    Stunning sunset/rise pictures.
    Jean x

  2. That's a fab week, I'm glad you spent some quality time with your son and that he got to enjoy the finer elements of living in Spain (the pool). I hope your other son's back is soon sorted - such problematic things when they aren't working properly!

    I love love love your crafting space so many goodies to play with - green with envy LOL! I'm glad you got everything to fit and what an amazing space to work I'm juggling paper as normal on my craft desk this evening - but shouldn't grumble. Hope you manage to get really creative now you're room is sorted.

    I love your sky pictures -utterly gorgeous, have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

    Much love

  3. Oh wow Kate how lovely to see your new vamped creative space...we have a lot in common when it comes to liking our spaces organised so we know where everything is :-) Thank you so much for making me feel I've been missed and for your lovely comments. We really are enjoying the challenges ahead of us in making our new home ours....and of course the best bit for me is setting up my sewing room :-)
    Annie x

  4. AAh..getting organised- a perennial problem for all of us crafters I think.Good job here.

  5. Hi Kate, happy your craft room is looking all spiffy and tidy now, it seems a few of us have moved or are rearranging things. Lovely sunset/rise pics - I love them too and somehow find peace in watching them. Cheers and enjoy your new space, Robyn

  6. Hi Kate, oh my, oh my I am jealous at your great craft space. Mine is so thiny I try to keep it neat and tidy but that's not easy. I am short of space to have a good storage system. But I'll manage. I hope your sons surgery will go well. Back problems are not something to laugh with. I am having back problems for several years but not so bad as to be needing a surgery. Thank God for that. I really hope he will be better afterwards. This is a major something. Wish him all the best my dear.
    Have a nice weekend. Big hug, love veerle xxx

  7. Oh wow that craft room looks gorgeous, love the view from the window. I can deal with anything better when the view from my window is gorgeous :) lovely sunset! I could stare at that photo for ages....and probably shall xxxxxxx

  8. Oh Kate - that really is one well organised craft room! Hope you have loads of fun playing in there! And of course that you son's back surgery goes well.

    Beautiful sunset and sunrise photos too!

    Hugs, Di xx


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