Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rocking Your World 2015; Week 40

This is going to be a fairly quick post but I have lots of photos and it has taken a while to get them sorted. My husband has gone to the airport to collect our friend. Although I would normally go with him so we can each drive one way, he knew I wanted the time to write my blog. Wasn't that kind of him!
So to start with my smiles, and for today I am taking you around our little garden. It is very small, with hardly any planting space, so most things are in pots, but right now it is looking lovely. So here goes.

I have just realised how tiny the writing looks under each photo. I hope you are able to click on the photos to enlarge them, and be able to read what it says.

On Monday I had the privilege of helping Cati out for ASADIS again. A group of women who are called Dames in Turre, meet each month for fellowship and fund-raising. They have speakers, arrange outings together, and have a monthly raffle for charity. They decided to make a donation to the children of ASADIS, and someone gave them my name as a contact, so they asked me to take Cati to their next meeting to receive a cheque. Unfortunately Cati works with her little group of special needs children, in our village school, so she was not able to go to the meeting, and it was agreed that I would go to represent her. I have never been to a Dames meeting, and I was surprised how many ladies were there. They met in a large bar at a local hostal, and there was a buzz of conversation when I arrived, with one table selling raffle tickets, another taking booking for an outing, and another drumming up help for their Christmas fair.
I was introduced to a few people and then the room was called to order, and after some general notices, one of the committee members presented me with a generous cheque. I am not very keen on addressing a crowd, especially with a microphone, but I was asked to say a few words, so I could hardly refuse.

The next day Cati invited me to go to the school and see some of the children. This is not something I would normally be allowed to do, so I was pleased to go and see where they spend their day. I met a lovely young lady who works with the children, with Cati as her assistant. Here are a couple of photos of their room. I can only show the two children whose parents have previously given their permission for me to photograph them.

I was also able to give the cheque to Cati. She uses the money to pay for a physiotherapist and a speech therapist for the children, as there is no government provision for this.

Just a short drive from us, there is a new Lidl store which I have visited a couple of times. This week I noticed a small shelf unit as one of their special sales, and I bought one. At the back of my craft desk I had a narrow shelf that I inherited with the house, and it was very rickety and not a lot of use, but it was always cluttered with an odd assortment of bits and pieces. I thought the new one would replace it and be a lot tidier. I was rather pleased with myself when I managed to assemble it on my own (it took a couple of tries before I got it right!), and then Chris came with his drill to wall mount it for me. This was my table with the old shelf. What a mess!
And here is the new one with all the the same things on it, well most of them anyway, and it looks a lot tidier.
And the best bit, is all the extra space I have on my craft desk to work in.
I was pleased that I didn't need to move my mirror which hangs above the new shelf, but to the left of it I have a large pin board where I display a few bits that I have made, but mainly cards and tags that I have received from friends. That needed to be turned around to make it narrower, but it still fitted into the space, above an old spice rack that I use to display some mini-books.

I am aware that I have more craft stash than I can ever use in my lifetime, so I am trying to be very careful about buying any more, but every now and then I see something that I just know will be used over and over again. So last week I did send for two small(ish) orders and they arrived together on Wednesday. So I have some lovely new stamps and dies to try out. They are mainly Christmas related, so that should give me the incentive to get the rest of my Christmas cards made.
And craft stash isn't all I have new this week, because we decided that we needed one more chair for our sitting room, and yesterday Chris bought a lovely little reclining chair. We have each got a big recliner, that take up a lot of space, and I really don't like the feel of their leather when I am wearing a strappy dress in the summer. Plus, I am only quite short, and I find them comfy to sit in, but hard to get in and out of, so I really wanted a smaller chair, but I still need to have my feet up in the evenings, so the new one is just right for me.

I have a couple of pretty bugs for you this week. We had one very unwelcome visitor earlier in the week, when I found a giant centipede in the utility area. I have a sneaky feeling one of the cats brought it in as a present! They are nasty creatures and give you a serious bite (nip, sting?) that requires medical attention, so I didn't wait to find a camera and take a photo of it. I just dispatched it with haste! But other bugs are more welcome. Chris was mopping the front porch this morning when he called me to see a moth. It was a bit dozy because it was bright sunlight, so it was resting, but it was so pretty. Later I will look on the internet to identify it, but I haven't had time yet.
Also this week, I again went to the medical centre with my friend Eileen to help her with her Spanish when she spoke with the doctor, and while we were waiting our turn we sat on a bench outside. We spotted such a pretty butterfly flitting among the wild stocks on the campo. I was disappointed not to find more exotic butterflies out here, but I guess it is too hot and dry for them. But this one was a lovely sight.
When one of my friends drove back to UK for a holiday this summer, she took some more of our knitted items for Africa, and she and her sister delivered them by hand to Brian, co-ordinator of Greenfields Africa, the charity we support. This is what she gave him.
I am so proud of all my friends who work so hard to help me with this project. Already I have several more blankets and jumpers ready for the next load.
Well I had to stop for a while because my visitor arrived, so I think I had better wrap this up for this week. I will end with two sky photos, one taken late afternoon from our garden. The clouds were so pretty. The second one I stopped to take on my way home from the shops yesterday. It was a lovely sunset, and at least it is a different skyline from my usual one.

And now I shall just pop over to A Stitch in Time to link up with Annie's Friday Smiles, and to Celtic House to link with Rocking Your World. And tomorrow I will be back to do some visiting.
I hope you all have something this week that at least makes you smile, and hopefully rocks your world too.


  1. Oh Kate what a lovely post - love all your flowers - I have been planting this week, mainly vegetables, but also some marigolds. Of course you had to take a photograph of Tango :-).
    Well done on your craft room shelving and reorganization
    What a fabulous butterfly and stunning moth!!
    Enjoy your friend's visit

  2. Wow wow wow What a beautifully colourful post this week Kate. Your flowers are gorgeous. I always love to see a collage of them all together like that. Well done for being able to stand up and talk with a hand would have been shaking. Public speaking is not something I've ever found easy.
    I hope you have a great week.
    Annie x

  3. Oh I love to read your posts, the new craft shelf is lovely and extra desk space is a always a joy. Loving the photos of your plants we are sadly lacking on the flower front but the turning leaf colour as autumn approaches is lovely. Glad you could help your friend at the hospital and how lovely to receive at cheque too. I really wish I could knit and crochet I will have to sort that one day. Hope you enjoy your visitor have a blessed week

  4. Oh, your flowers are so gorgeous! I'm a little bit jealous over here!! :)

  5. Hi Kate, it's always a joy to read your post. You have such lovely flowers. I saw a crown of thorns plant the other day at the nursery but didn't buy it. I'm sure it would do well in our hot dry weather. I loved seeing all the beautiful items that were made for the charity; such a worthwhile cause. Have a wonderful weekend, Pat xx

  6. Your flowers are looking beautiful Kate, how nice of them to get a new lease of life at the end of the season. The butterfly and moth are both beautiful too. Your new craft stash looks interesting, some nice stamps. Not much crafting going on here at the moment.
    Jean x

  7. What lovely bright flowers you have! Lucky lady as it is turning cold here and all the flowers are dying off. It was nice of Tango to pose for you as he makes a great addition to the flower photos! It's wonderful all the work you do over there to help others and I'm sure the cheque will do worlds of good. And the knits are so sweet. I seem to remember a bear like that around Mum's house when the kids were small.
    Have a great week!

  8. As always I enjoyed your post Kate. How lovely that you were able to collect the cheque for Cati. I'm sure they will put it to very good use and imagine she appreciates the help you give her. What a great job you did with the new shelf. Great admiration for putting it together. I'm hopeless at that sort of thing and it looks really smart.

    Well you did get some super goodies in the post. I have the Hobby Arts poppy stamp that you have there. It's a lovely image. Wishing you lots of crafty fun with your new stash and enjoy your time with your guests. Barbxx

  9. Your flowers are gorgeous Kate. I especially like the orange one in the third set of pictures!!
    Your butterflies look lovely, love the black and white one.


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