Friday, May 6, 2016

Rocking my World 2016: Week 19

Right. So hopefully you are all smiling now! Just a little gem I spotted on Facebook this week, and it made me smile, partly because I knew who had posted it.
And now for one, also from facebook, that will at least make you all say Aaa..hh! Isn't it just so cute?

And now for those happy moments from my week which got off to a really good start on Sunday with a special service at church. A very good friend of ours, William, was licensed as a new worship leader, and our lovely vicar Rev. Pauline took the service.
And what better reason, (if we needed one) to go out for a celebratory lunch with William and his wife Sylvia. We were a party of twenty and they had laid up a long table for us so we could all sit together. We were lucky to get a booking as it was Mother's Day in Spain, so lots of families were eating out together, but despite being busy, the service was good and the food excellent.
We went to a place called La Castilla, up on a hill at the back of Arboleas. I was uncertain about going because I have only been there once before and I was not impressed with the food. But I didn't want to miss out on William's special day, so we went along anyway, and I need not have worried because this time the food was among the best meals we have had out here.  We sat and chatted while we waited for our starters to arrive, but once the food had arrived, everyone was too busy eating to stop and smile for the camera!

I was looking forward to Tuesday because it was the day for the third part of my Crochet-along to be published. It goes online around 9.30 but I am out at my house group on Tuesday mornings so I have to wait until later to download mine. But once I was home and we had eaten a late lunch, I printed out the pattern, gathered my bag of wool and some hooks, and took myself out to sit on the porch and work on it. It look complicated, but it was not as difficult as I had expected to follow the pattern, and an hour or so later my first "Bird of paradise" motif was made.
I really like it. I have made another one and I need just two more before part 4 is released a week next Tuesday. We don't really need a fortnight to make these in, but the pattern parts are getting progressively harder, so we may need the time for the later ones. And of course, many of the participants are running a busy home and family, or are at work all day, and it must be difficult for them to get it done. The little pins in mine are marking the six corners which makes the joining up easier, and it will look tidier when I have blocked it, but I am waiting until the end to do that, or they may all curl up again.
It was lovely this week to see the jacaranda trees coming into bloom. They are such a lovely colour. We have a long row of them in the slip road that runs along the front of our village.

They hold on to the big brown seed pods from last year, and flower first. As the flowers die, they sprout green fern-like leaves, and continue to look pretty through the summer.

As I was walking to my 'intercambio' group on Tuesday evening, I stopped to watch some little house martins, busily catching the bugs that swarm around late afternoon, to feed their very demanding babies. We get a lot of house martins in the village and they make their neat little nests in the eaves of all the houses, where they are sheltered from the wind and direct sun. They were diving in and out of the row of nests and every now and then I glimpsed a little head and open beak popping out of the entrance holes. I lost count of how many there were, but it was fun to watch them for a while, and I had to admire their industry.

We have had a rather unsettled week weather-wise. Not at all what we expect by the beginning of May, but there has been plenty of sunshine between the showers. Most evenings the sky has been too empty of clouds for a good sunset, or else it has been too cloudy for any sun to break through, but one evening the wind was breaking up the clouds and they were continually changing shape. Every time I looked they were different, but every time I could see another face in them - and not always a pleasant one either. I wonder whether you can see them too.

We ended the week on a good note too when we went to a concert last night, to listen to a visiting Welsh choir. They are from the same village in Wales as a man who has lived out here for some years now, and every couple of years or so they come over to help Robert at one of his charity fund raisers. Sadly Robert passed away early this year, but they kept to their commitment to come, and supported his wife and family at a memorial concert in the Mojacar church. The church was full and the singing was lovely. It was mostly in English but they did sing a couple in Welsh too, and the highlight was a solo performance of Oh Danny Boy, which I love. They were asked to sing Canon Lan a second time as an encore, and our vicar, who is also from that part of S. Wales, got up and joined in.

The church is quite small and is just the one room with a small vestry at the side, but they had said there would be a buffet supper, so they set up a long table outside and various church members had contributed with plates of food, and the table was laden down. A second smaller table housed an urn and a cool box, so there was a choice of drinks available too. The choir mingled with the crowd and we had a good chat with them, and even though it was getting late by then, it was warm enough, (and dry enough) for us to stand around for quite  while.
When I saw the table I never thought we could eat everything, but I have to say, we did our best. There seems to be quite a big Welsh contingent at the Mojacar church, and there were plates of Welsh cakes, and Bara Brith, as well as lots of other lovely things. We didn't quite 'clear the decks' but there wasn't much left, and for sure, no one went home feeling hungry!
Having eaten well, and talked my head off, I rested by the wall and watched the sun slowly sinking behind the hills and into the sea. What a calm and beautiful way to end a lovely evening.
Now it is time to pop over to Annie's blog - A Stitch in Time, and Virginia's blog - Celtic House , and find out what has lifted you this week.


  1. Sounds like another good week Kate, the jacaranda trees look beautiful and so does your new crochet motif, what lovely colours.
    Your social gatherings look very enjoyable, I bet the welsh singing sounded great.
    Jean x

  2. What a lovely week you've had Kate. I love the new crochet pattern....well done you for mastering it. You live in such a lovey community out there Kate.
    Thanks for sharing it.
    Annie x

  3. What a lovely week Kate - you sound quite relaxed and refreshed. I am loving your crochet with the interesting colourways and patterns.
    Loved you joke and the awww inducing image of the mouse in the iris.

  4. You've had a great week again by the sounds of it. It's lovely to hear about the goings on int he church and the visiting Welsh choir sounds fab.
    We have been away all week and i can confirm that the weather has been unsettled in the whole of Andalucia. We went to Portugal and Seville and had rain on and off in Seville.
    I love the photo of the mouse sleeping in the lily. And the frayed knot? Well, we all know what that feels like...
    Have a good week,

  5. Catching up on your full, interesting life after my jaunts down South of England to Kent to see Dolores and Brighton to see some of the family. We've just had an English breckie and so afterwards I sat and browsed your news. It is like a good magazine!
    The faces I see in those dark clouds are like Shakespearean characters. I love that you have so much good fellowship with the people in your church and your area.
    BTW, if you want a good Bara Brith recipe my friend, who is 70, gave me the one her Welsh great grandmother passed down. Just shout!
    I really appreciate your kind comments on my blog Kate, thanks so much.
    Jo x

  6. The little sleepy mouse in the flower is adorable... is it a dormouse?
    The Welsh choir reminded me of the performances we did in Wales with our choir "Allegro". We always received a wonderful welcome so we always included some Welsh pieces. I used to sing Suo Gan in Welsh, a lullaby (used as theme for Empire of the Sun film) and I perfected the words so people used to think I was Welsh and would come and ask where in Wales I lived!!!!
    Jo x

  7. You've had a lovely week, Kate. The photos are great and I enjoyed reading about it. Love the crochet - the black sets of the other colours beautifully. The joke made me chuckle and the wee mouse in the iris is adorable. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

  8. I love your weekly posts Kate! Wonderful photos and it's just (almost!) like being a fly on the wall. You should know I had a giggle at the joke and, like Elizabeth, think that the wee mouse is just soooo cute :)


    Di xx

  9. Always a lovely post Kate, you seem to have had a busy week again!

    How lovely of the Welsh choir to still visit too, I had to smile at the bara brith as well - such a lovely dessert.

    Your crochet along project looks fantastic too - can't wait to see the next part as it were.

    And the sky photos - always a positive!

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead!

  10. Fab photos Kate. love the iris one.
    I wonder if those trees would survive here in uk?
    lovely of the choir to visit. always a good sing song from Wales!! anywhere near to me?

  11. What a delightful post. The church bits were very interesting and both events looked as though they were rather special.
    Thanks for the house martin photographs. We went to Nerja last year and caught a bus to Frigliano (sp?) and I sat fascinated watching birds nesting just like this. Of course I was not as clued up as you are but now I know. Thanks Kate.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  12. what fun reading your posts .. I would that had more time but y'know never enough hours even the buzzer is beeping have to go outside.. loved seeing choir etc Kate.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Shaz in Oz.x

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