Friday, August 5, 2016

Rocking Your World 2016; Week 32

I hope this will start you off with a Smile. When the temperature is around 40º and you are enclosed in the sitting room, with the aircon on, just trying not to melt, you really don't need a furry blanket on your lap.

Kim doesn't agree!!

He still believes he is a lap-dog, and although he is just too big to fit up on my chair, he keeps his hind legs on the floor and heaves as much of himself as he can, onto me. He is so heavy! So he doesn't get to stay there for very long, but we have a bit of a cuddle before I have to turf him off. This week Tango decided he wanted some fuss too, so he is just waiting for Kim to get down so that he can jump on me!
And when I say it has been hot, I do mean HOT! Last Sunday our outside thermometer, that never gets direct sun on it, was showing 42º at lunch time. That is extra hot, even for here. And that night it was still 30º when I went out for my midnight swim. It has been a bit more bearable for the rest of the week, though we did have another very hot day yesterday. Sunday was particularly bad because as well as being super-hot, it was also very windy, but as the air that was moving around us was hot, the wind brought no relief. In fact, all it did bring was a lot of dust and debris. Chris works so hard keeping the pool sparkling clean all summer, so it is a real pleasure to get into, but when the wind blows like that, the pool is soon covered in dead flower heads and leaves.

The lovely oleander at the back of us, is dying off now, so there are a lot of brown flower heads on it, and it doesn't take much to bring them down. On Sunday they were sticking all over the fly-free net, and collecting in drifts against the sides of it.
Round the other side of the house, the bougainvillea is just as bad, if not worse. You only have to touch it to get showered with brown, papery flower heads. I had collected up several sacks of them at the end of last week, because it is where I feed the dogs, and I like to be able to hose it down regularly. But after Sunday I wondered why I had bothered. 

However, the hot weather is not all doom and gloom as it means we spend more time sitting together in the sitting room, so I get to catch up on my reading, and get my knitting etc done. This is a project I have been working on. I didn't think I would get it done so I took this photo to tease you with. I wonder if you can guess what it is? 
My husband had his own idea of what it looked like - needless to say he was wrong! I did actually manage to finish it after I took this, so if you stick with me to the end of this post, all will be revealed.

Over the past few months we have all been watching a building project further up our road, which I had heard was to be a new Farmacia (Chemist shop). We are regular visitors to the existing one, for our monthly prescriptions, and it is opposite our house, just a few meters up the road. It is a tiny little place which carries a load of stock, but there is little floor space, and if they get more than three or four customers at any one time, then it is crowded. 
It is run by a lovely couple who can't do enough for you, even opening up out of hours if you need medicine in a hurry, and letting me have my tablets in advance when I am going to be away in UK on their due date.
They have now moved into their new shop and it opened this week. It has a black, polished stone front and looks very modern compared with most of the buildings in our little village.
Inside there is so much more light and space. Everything is well arranged, and labelled in Spanish and English - though I don't think they should feel that the English is necessary! It must be lovely for them to work in. 

There is a huge underbuild or basement area, presumably for storage, and up above it there is a large flat. The white doors to the right of the shop, open on to stairs up to the next floor. I think eventually the owners will live there, but it is not fitted out yet, and for now they are concentrating on getting the shop how they want it. (There is some extra printing on these two pictures because they were taken from their promotional site).
Just above the front door there is a lit up green cross, the sign for anything medical out here, and the new one has moving lights in the centre that alternately show the date, time and temperature. We see this when we go out with the dogs in the mornings. Usually it is 24 or 25º at half past seven in the morning, which is hot enough for walking in, but when we get back home about 45 minutes later, it has always gone up by a few degrees.
This morning it was 28º, but it was extra hot in the day yesterday, so I guess it didn't cool down as much in the night.
And the Farmacia isn't the only new thing in the village this week. As we were driving out this morning, we stopped to withdraw some money at the bank, and that is right on the corner of the plaza. We got quite a surprise to see a fountain on, in the centre of the plaza. In all of the eight and a half years we have lived here, we have never seen it working before. I did know it was there because some men were working on it just before the fiesta, but usually it is covered with boards. It was nice to see it flowing, and we could imagine a good few village children running in and out of it when word gets around that it is on. I don't know if it was switched on because of the heat wave, or just the idea of someone up at the Town Hall, but either way, I hope they keep it going for the rest of the summer.

There have been a few other positives this week too:
I had my first physio appointment at the hospital this week, so I didn't have to wait too long after I saw the consultant about my shoulders and arms. My translator was unable to come with me, but I managed. The lady I saw was so nice. She only said a few words of English, but she was very understanding, and we got along fine. It was only a preliminary assessment, but she has arranged for me to have fifteen sessions of physio at a more local medical centre, and then she will see me again.

Chris took me out to lunch today which is always a nice treat. Anything that means I don't have to cook in my hot kitchen, is a bonus for me.

After a good couple of months, the cats have finally sussed out how the cat-flap works. Surprisingly it was Luna, our little campo cat who is very independent, and who really only come in for food and a bed at night, was the first to use it properly. The other two mastered going out but aren't keen on coming in. It is a bit of a step up for them outside, so I have put a couple of bricks there to make it easier. They will still sit there and call for me to open the door, but if I refuse, and shake their food box a few times, they will now come in through the flap. So that is progress!! 

I am grateful that Kim and Foxy have settled down so well together, and don't seem to be missing Miki unduly.
I am grateful that we have got aircon in the main room and our bedroom. We don't use it all the time as it is very drying, but this week it has been wonderful.
I am grateful for our pool which is the perfect way to chill out before bed. Not many houses in the actual village have their own pool, so we know we are very lucky.

The hot humid days, often bring a few storm clouds towards evening, which in turn, can give a nice glow to the sky at dusk. I just happened to see this in time to take a photo. It only lasts for a few minutes, so blink and you miss it.
I sometimes try to recreate a sky like that when I am making cards, and it can look very artificial, but it really does look like that sometimes, so I am not that far out!
Now I shall link up with Annie's Friday Smiles, and Rocking Your Word At Virginia's blog, and I'll see you all next week.

I bet you thought I had forgotton. But 'No', I hadn't . So here he is. Let me introduce you to Max the Bulldog.

I think he's lovely. All made from the African Flower motifs - triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons and octagons! - he is another design by Heidi of Heidi Bears, and her patterns can be found on Ravelry. You may remember that I made her Happypotomus and the pony Fatty Lumpkin, a few years ago. I do think Max needs some black button eyes, but I couldn't get any this week. But I will keep looking and alter them when I find some.


  1. I love the crochet bulldog, really nice colour combination and pretty motifs.
    I'm glad your appointment went well today, fifteen sessions sounds quite a lot, I hope they work for you. The new chemist shop looks great too.
    What lovely colours you captured in your sky picture, I know what you mean about trying to recreate such skies in artwork.
    Jean x

  2. I thought it had been warm here but it looks hot where you are. We did get some rain yesterday which cooled things down a bit. Your crochet dog is brilliant, love him and your furry friends look funny queuing up for cuddles. Have a nice weekend and happy crafting, Angela x

  3. Another lovely post, although how you are managing in that heat I will never know, although I can imagine the air con and the pool make it more manageable. I had to giggle at the animals trying to get a cuddle, in those sort of temperatures I can imagine it was the last thing you needed! Your crochet dog is awesome - I wasn't sure what it was going to be, so glad you put the photos at the end! Loving the sky photo as always. I'm glad the new pharmacy has opened, I know from the odd holiday to Spain how fantastic they are, so a bright new airy shop sounds brilliant! Hope you have a brilliant weekend and week ahead.

  4. Another fab week of positives Kate....even in that heat. I'm sure I wouldn't cope even with a pool. I love the are so clever.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x

  5. Hi Kate and happy Friday ... mmm wow that is pretty hot, I'm sure you are very grateful to have a pool and be able to have a cooling dip before bed. Bulldog Max is pretty cute - like your colours. Have a great weekend Cheers Robyn

  6. Hello Kate :) I've loved reading your post but oh wow, I don't know howyou cope with the heat. It's been 25ish the last couple of days here in Kent and I just cant cope. Roll on Autumn and Spring - those are my seasons.

    Love your bull dog - I think I remember your happypotomus - he was gorgeous too as I recall.

    Hope you have a lovely week and a bit of respite from the heat .

    Carmen x

  7. I thought you animal was going to be an elephant, but I guessed wrong, big time :-). How about we swap some heat for some cold - we are forecast to be -4oC tonight!!

  8. What a cute bulldog!
    Your pets look and sound wonderful (I must remember to post some pics of mine!).
    Hugs, Sue xx

  9. Owch that is hot!!! I was at college the other week on a hot friday and found that hot sitting there learning about bodily functions!!
    Love that silhouette photo. The sky looks stunning!


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