Friday, February 3, 2017

Rocking Your World 2017: Week 5

Hi everyone. This will be an unusually short post today as I have almost nothing to write about.
After a fairly 'normal' weekend, we did go out on Monday night to a church fund-raising event. It was a silent movie night, and we watched films from the 60's, 70's and 80's, which revived a lot of memories and had everyone chuckling.
But the next day I felt a bit off-colour so cried off from my usual home group in the morning, and by the evening I knew I was hit by a very rapidly developing throat and ear virus. I have never had such a painful throat, or ear, and by night time I couldn't even swallow water. On Wednesday I went to the doctor in the village who confirmed it was a virus which would be with me for 6-15 days, with or without treatment! She did give me some antihistamine tablets which were very tiny and I managed to swallow one at bedtime and one in the morning. I think they helped as I was feeling very clogged up in my throat, though my nose was clear. She also gave me soluble paracetamol which was a kind thought but I couldn't swallow them. In the end I resorted to my tramadol that I keep in for when my arthritis is really bad. I don't like taking them, but they are good to have for emergencies. I took one when I went to bed and was at least able to sleep all night, but they take ages to wear off with me, so I was dozy all the next day too.
I used them again when I went to bed, with the result that I have spent a large part of this week sleeping in a chair, and feeling very 'spaced out'. I shall have one more tonight and then hopefully I can use something less fierce.
Although I have again slept most of today, I do feel just a little bit better, and am actually going to try a cup of tea after this. Oh how I miss my tea, but anything with milk in has come straight back up so far.
So enough of my woes. Let's look for something positive in it all : Well between sleeps I have managed to crochet quite a few of the squares  to go around my blanket. They are easy to do one round at a time and then rest, and pick it up again when I feel the urge to do so. I have also almost finished my son's wedding invitations. I had hoped to have them done by the end of January but they took a little longer than I expected. But they are almost done now.

When I was shopping at Lidl's last week I spotted these little darlings. I have often bemoaned the fact that daffodils and narcisi don't grow out here, so when I saw these I had to just buy one to see how it got on. I left it on the front porch, intending to plant it into a bigger pot, but of course that didn't happen. But today Chris called me out to look at it, and there it was with it's little yellow flowers shining out on out dark tiles. So that is my smile for this week. I think there are several more buds so I am looking forward to more flowers soon.

At the same time I also bought this hyacinth, another flower that doesn't grow naturally out here. They had been given a good start indoors so I thought I could put it out, again in a bigger pot, and be sure of a flower. Needless to say that never got any further than the kitchen table, but I may still pot it on next week if I am feeling a bit better by then. The pink pot denotes a pink flower, and it is just starting to show some colour.

So, as I loaded up those two photos tonight I also found one of a sunset that I must have taken last weekend. So I will finish with that and then link up to Annie's Friday Smiles and Rocking your World, and hopefully I will have more to share next week.


  1. So sorry to hear you're feeling so poorly Kate. Really hope you shake it off sooner rather than later. I love your little potted bulbs. My garden is full of daffs shooting up and I promise to take some pics for you as soon as they bloom.
    Sending you lots of get well soon hugs,
    Annie x

  2. Oh Kate, I'm so sorry you are feeling so awful. I do hope you get over it soon.
    The daffodils look great. I missed that one at Lidls. I love daffodils.
    Get better soon,

  3. Oh Kate, you poor thing. I hope you feel much better soon. I'm sending healing thoughts your way.
    I love your daffodil and I'm sure the hyacinth will be beautiful as well.
    Try and have a wonderful week!

  4. So sorry to hear that you are ill and not feeling well. I know you are always so active with many things going on. I do wish you a speedy recovery. Take care, Pat xx

  5. Oh Kate - hugs and prayers!! What a week - DH is on tramadol and he doesn't like it either... he has no options, and it is kinder than liquid morphine to him. Darn Cancer!!
    Love your flowers, they look really pretty and must have bought you some joy in the midst of all the yuk of the week.
    Great to hear you have managed some crocheting if nothing else.

  6. Hi Kate, I'm a bit slow this week as I'm still suffering with the rotten cold and it sounds like you've not been so good yourself. Lovely flowers, I like hyacinths but sometimes find the smell a bit overpowering. Hope you're feeling better soon. Hugs, Angela xXx

  7. Ah Kate, I hope you are feeling better and that the virus leaves you sooner rather than later, there is nothing worse when you aren't feeling good, than trying to carry on as normal, so perhaps the tramadol and chilled time was a good idea, even if it does leave you a little spaced out. Loving the photo of the daffodil and the hyacinth will smell beautiful I'm sure when it is fully flowering!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.

    Much love

  8. Hi Kate, so sorry to hear that you've been so poorly - let's hope you are on the mend now. The daffodil is such a cheering sight and growing in pots could be the best way of ensuring you can enjoy them year after year. Ours are now at the picking stage though not fully open - the heat indoors will do that for us. Hope you have a better week. Hugs, Elizabeth xx


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