Saturday, June 10, 2017

Rocking Your World 2017: Week 23

Hi folks. Here we are at the end of another fairly ordinary week, which has flown on wings, and passed before I noticed it.

On Monday, when I was still trying to kick start myself to catch up on neglected housework, I took delivery of not one, but three parcels.
I knew the big squidgy white pillow was full of wool. I know, I know! I showed you my stash of wool a couple of weeks ago, and you are probably wondering why I needed more, but when I was sorting it into colours, I also sorted a bag of the right shades to complete a couple of projects, and there were some I needed more of. Also Stlyecraft have brought out three more colours in lovely soft shades of vintage rose, buttermilk and mushroom, so I needed one of each of those to complete my collection.
The little grey parcel contained 100 tiny gold, organza bags which I managed to find on ebay. They are not the sort of thing I can find in any of the shops out here. And then there is the large cardboard box which weighed a ton, and caused some raised eyebrows from the lady who delivered it. Inside was a huge jar of jelly beans! So if you have ever wondered what 4kg of jelly beans looks like, it is this.

I took the beans and the bags to my craft group on Wednesday and came home with these.
Seventy-five bags each with around 20 jelly beans in it. (I didn't need the last twenty-five so they have gone away for use in the future). These little babies will be coming with me to UK in a few weeks time, along with the seventy-five favour boxes still flat packed that I have made, and on the first night I am there, we will be assembling the boxes and popping a bag in each, ready for my sons wedding at the weekend. I will eventually show a photo of the Invitations, Boxes, Guest book and Post box that I have made, but not until after the event.

It has been very hot this week, so I haven't managed to do very much, but on Tuesday, Chris suggested we went down for a walk along the Playa before it got too dark. So we were down there around 8 o'clock which is a funny time because what holiday makers there are, have mostly left the beach and returned to their hotel or apartment to get ready for their evening meal, and the local youngsters don't emerge until much later, so it is fairly quiet, with just a handful of oldies like us, out for an evening stroll. There is a good wide promenade along most of the sea-front and we stayed on that. I was very tempted to dip my toes in the sea but I had a new pair of sandals on and I didn't want to put sandy feet back into them, so I resisted the urge. We walked right to the end of the beach and sat on the wall to rest before walking back again. Then we sat in a beach front bar to have a drink before driving home. We had a lovely view around the bay where the sun was still reaching a few of the buildings, though it had gone from us.
It stayed really warm all evening. I must say it is nice to go out at night and still feel comfortable in just a summer dress with no sleeves. I paid the price with several insect bites on my arms. They come looking for me, but Chris doesn't get bitten at all. It is actually nicer to be outside than indoors in the evenings now. This room is very warm and I have the ceiling fan going as well as a big floor fan on me now.

The next day it was a bit overcast. They had forecast a slight chance of rain, but of course, that didn't come. But it was just cloudy enough to give us a pretty sky at dusk. I took these two out at the back of us. The sky was such a pretty colour, and the little birds were swooping around, and coming in to nest for the night. 

I stayed out for while and I saw the moon rising. I spent a while trying to get a photo of it. This was the best one. It was just beginning to wane, and I was quite pleased with the detail I managed to get on my little camera.

For the past couple of days I have been busy trying to help a friend pack up her house. She is a widow in her eighties and quite frail, and her sons want her to move back to UK nearer to them. One of them came over and did quite a lot of packing for her last week, but now she is on her own again, and she is really struggling. And the hot weather is just making everything more difficult. So I spent a lot of time yesterday, emptying her cupboards and double wrapping tea and dinner services. Today I went back and did some more, but she was not at all well and I persuaded her to go to bed and rest while I got with on with it. I don't want to see any more bubble wrap for quite a while!
We have got a big stack of boxes that are ready now. Her hall is almost full. Tomorrow I will pick up a few bits at the shops for her, while I am out doing my own shopping, and then I will leave her in peace for the weekend. She has a hospital appointment on Monday which I think will be quite enough for her for that day, so I am going back on Tuesday to climb the ladder and empty the top cupboards all round the kitchen so she can sort out what she wants to keep, and I'll get that packed for her.

And that's it for another week. I have spent half the evening chatting with my sister on Skype, so blame Jean if I don't get this posted before midnight. I've already missed midnight out here, but I might just make it before midnight in UK.

Finally here is a lovely sunset I caught yesterday. The sky was overcast so there wasn't much colour in it, but how lovely and tranquil it is all the same.

Before I go I had better just link this to Rocking your World on Virginia's blog, and Annie's Friday Smiles.


  1. Ah your blink and miss it week sounds like mine but at least you got some photos! How lovely of you to help your neighbour and friend, I can imagine that the heat can be hard work in the older years! Loving the jelly beans and organza bags, can't wait to see the other things that you've made. A walk along the promenade sounds like bliss!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.

    Much love

  2. It's always exciting to receive parcels through the post even if you know what's in them. The jelly vean jar looks fab! I am looking forward to seeing the wedding stuff you are doing for the big day, but I understand I will have to wait until after the event.
    Yes, it's hot here too, but I haven't got my fans out yet. We can't have a ceiling fan as we have a catedral type high ceiling that slopes. Had we thought about it at the time we could have done it. The electrician put the lamp in but we ourselves haven't got a ladder high enough. Never mind. Next year we will be living in the cool bottom appartment and we are definitely putting one in there.
    Evenings are best for going out for a walk. I love the heat and can tolerate it well as can Graham.
    I hope everything goes well with the move for your elderly neighbour. Uprooting and moving is not good for the elderly. Having said that, my mum had to move a few years ago when she was 90 and she loves it now. But she was quite stressed about it all even though she didn't have to do much.
    Have a lovely week (sorting out your stash, bliss!)

    Keep smiling,

  3. What a good friend and neighbour you are Kate. I hope her move goes well for her. Your sky pics as always make me smile so does the news that I'm not the only one insects like to bite. They eat me alive usually when we're on holiday and hubby rarely gets bitten!
    Hope you have a lovely week.
    Annie x

  4. Another lovely post Kate - looking forward to seeing more about the wedding. Love the jelly bean favour idea :)

    And how kind of you to help your neighbour with the packing up. You're a star!


    Di xx

  5. What a lovely friend you are to help so much - sorting and packing is hard work!!
    Love your photos, and that warmth must be lovely - try taking some B vitamins - they may help keep the insects away from you!

  6. I so love getting parcels such fun opening them. It looks lovely where you are, I imagine it will be getting busy now with people going on holiday. My friends have been somewhere in Spain last week but sensibly they stay in the mountains rather than being low down though I am sure it is still very warm. Take care and have a great week, Angela xxx


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