Friday, April 6, 2018

Rocking Your World 2018: Week 14

First a big apology because it took me until yesterday to visit everyone from last week. Sometimes life just gets in the way, but I made it in the end, and I will try to do better this week.
My first picture today is one of me, which doesn't happen very often. We were encouraged to wear our 'Easter bonnets' to church on Sunday. Now I don't wear hats - not even for my son's wedding - but at a push I will clip in a fascinator. So, in an effort to show willing, that is what I did on Sunday, and my dear friend Margie took photos of us all, and posted them on the church facebook page. So here I am with a typical big cheesy grin on my face!
As you can see, it was a lovely sunny day, and we had a joyful Easter celebration, and we were able to share a time of tea, cakes and fellowship, sitting outside on the patio for the first time this year.

Monday was our grandson's last day here. He and Bethan were flying home at 8.00 in the evening, so in the morning they wanted to go up to Mojacar Pueblo to do some shopping for friends and family. The Pueblo is a little white village with strong Moorish influences, that is set on a hill overlooking Mojacar Playa. It has a wide range of small shops selling tourist souvenirs, as well as clothing and of course plenty of bars and restaurants. I showed the youngsters where my favourite bar is and arranged to meet them there for lunch, and then I left them to poke around in the shops while I wandered away from the centre. This photo was taken from near the top and gives you some idea of high above the sea it is.
And this is a typical view of one of the streets. The whole village is a rabbit warren of narrow, steep, pedestrian streets, often linked by steps, with higgledy-piggledy buildings on every level, and the ever present ugly electricity cables, as very little power is fed underground. In this case, the pueblo was there was long before the electricity!
We met up for lunch as planned, and sat in a courtyard behind the ancient church on the plaza. It was not quite as sunny as they had all last week, but we were able to eat our lunch outside all the same. They were happy with all their purchases and I didn't go home empty handed either as I bought this handsome fellow to go on one of the walls by the pool. We already have butterflies, geckos and owls, so I thought a dragonfly would be a nice addition.
I had quite a long conversation with the elderly Spanish man running the shop. It turned out we have some mutual friends in my village. I asked him for the Spanish word for dragonfly and he said it is libélula, which I liked the sound of. Butterfly is mariposa and I like that too.
We saw Marcus and Bethan safely to the airport that evening, and were pleased to hear they had made it home with no breakages. Their case had several bottles in it, and some jars of my jam and marmalade, so I gave them a lot of bubble-wrap and hoped for the best.
Not a lot has happened since then. I have been working on my crochet blanket and so far I have managed to keep up with the designer's posts - just. I did say I would give an update after part four, but that didn't happen, so now I have finished part five, and it looks like this.
I like the way it is working up. Part six was published an hour or so ago and it looks as though it could be a bit more challenging. The main part so far has been worked in a very attractive textured stitch which I have not done before.
I am used to it now though, so I am happy to have something new to think about in this week's part. I think there is quite a lot to do, so I may not be able to finish before part seven is published next Friday, but I'll do my best.
I was interested to see Lisca's post last week where she was talking about a book she had been reading called Sourdough, because this week I have been growing a Sourdough plant. It takes ten days from when you start it, and every few days you have to 'feed it' with flour, sugar and milk, and on the ninth day, which happens to be today, you feed it once more and divide it into four portions. The recipe is called "Herman the German sourdough friendship cake", and the idea is to use three portions to bake three big cakes for sharing, and the fourth portion you give away to a friend to start the process all over again. It says in the instructions "Do not put me in a fridge or I will die. If I stop bubbling I am dead!" Here are my four portions and they don't look very lively, but that is because I had just fed them and stirred the bubbles down. By tonight they will be all frothy again.
I shall actually bake with all four of mine tomorrow because it is my turn to make refreshments for after church. I am thinking Apple and sultana, Date and walnut, Cherry and almond, and maybe Ginger and marmalade, but I haven't made that one before so I am not sure whether it will work. Each portion makes quite a big slab cake, but fortunately it freezes very well, so it won't matter if it doesn't all get eaten. If anyone is interested in the recipe I am happy to share it.
Today I have been busy making more strawberry jam. Two batches a year is usually enough, but I realised this week that I have sold well over half of it already. So when I went shopping yesterday, I looked at the fruit and strawberries were right down in price to just 2€ a kilo, so I bought enough for one more lot of jam which is bottled and cooling nicely in the kitchen.
I started with a photo of me, so I may as well end with one as well. Marcus has just sent me this one which he took by the fountain in Turre when we were waiting for the Good Friday procession to start. He was pleased with it so I should make use of it. He says Bethan is still sorting out all her photos but she has some good ones of the dogs she will send to me soon. So I may have those to show next week. They never cooperate for me, and turn away as soon as they see the camera.
Now I must get ready for choir practice, but first I will link up with Annie's Friday Smiles, and Rocking Your World, and when I come home I will start visiting you all.


  1. What a lovely varied post! I love the photo of you with the fascinator.
    I'm sure you had a great time with your grandson. I suppose the weather hasn't been all that bad. It's a bit colder up here. There is usually 5 degrees difference but sometimes more.
    Your crochet looks really beautiful. That cannot be easy. I know you are an accomplished crocheter (How do you spell crow-shay-er?)
    Now, that sourdough intrigues me. I have never made or had sourdough. I am keen to learn so yes, please, I would like the recipe. I'd like to know how to make the sourdough starter and also the cake that you bake.
    I love you libélule. We have a trotoise and two butterflies. Can't really see how big it is, but I assume it is pretty big (about 50 cm?)
    Your grandson is right: that is a lovely photo of you by the fountain. Well done you. You look great!
    Have a good weekend with lots of smiles,

  2. Hi Kate, so glad Marcus and Betthan enjoyed their holiday and were able to watch the the easter parades
    I like the photo of you wearing the fascinator.
    Your dragonfly is beautiful and will be a lovely addition too your wall.
    Your blanket is looking lovely, your colours are working up really well. I am about a week behind with mine I'm afraid. I am finding the black rows a bit challenging, and am trying to find time in the day to work them.
    Jean x

  3. Hi Kate, great job with the blanket and I so love that dragonfly. Your fascinator looks a treat, very stylish. Hope the cake turns out well too. Have a lovey weekend, Angela xXx

  4. How wonderful to have had such a lovely time with Marcus and Bethan, and that they got their goodies home intact
    Love the look of your blanket - that textured stitch is fascinating - I have not seen that one before.
    I love sourdough for bread, but now it is just me, it's not worth making it as I eat very little bread.
    Love the photos of you - and your 'tilt' at wearing a hat :-)

  5. A fabulous post and I love how they start and finish with a picture of you! The blanket looks amazing, I'm always in awe of your amazing crochet skills - something I sadly lack!

    Strawberry jam is one of my favourites and the bargain price on the strawberries is fantastic, alas we will be quite a few months before we have local crops here!

    I'm glad your grandson and his girlfriend got home safe and sound and all bottles/jars were in tact.

    The sourdough looks fab and the cakes sound delicious! I'm sure they will be really well received.

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.



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