Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday Smiles 2022: Week 47

Now my Christmas cards have been sent off to Uk, I feel strangely 'unrushed', and have spent quite a bit of time just playing with some digital files and software, not because I want to use them at the minute, but I like to explore their possibilities.

However I have done some real crafting too. I wanted to try something different and I saw some paper sculpture online that I liked so thought I'd give it a go. This is called 'slice-form' sculpture and it is made by cutting lots of layers of paper and interlocking them with a series of slits. Of course they have to be perfectly designed to fit together, so I followed a link to a designer on Etsy who had several designs to choose from, and I picked a Nativity sphere. Because I had quite a bit of it in my stash, I decided to use vanilla light-weight card, and for once my Cameo machine was in a good mood, and cut all the layers first time of trying. You were encouraged to number the pieces as you cut them (there were 32 layers altogether), and once you purchased the file, you were given a link to a helpful assembly video. I have to say it was very fiddly to put together, and sometimes, as you locked a new piece in, one of the others popped out again! So it was taken apart a few times, and almost ended up in the bin, but perseverance paid off and I eventually made this.

It is lit from underneath with a small LED light base that I bought from Amazon.

This view from the top shows how the layers are combined.

I was quite pleased with the result and wanted to have a second go, now I understood how it worked, so I showed the Etsy page to Chris and let him choose a design. He chose this one, which was just as tricky to make, but if I am honest, I think it worked better. Because it is a complete sphere, with no construction underneath as a base, the light shines through better. This time I used white card which I had to purchase on Amazon to get one I knew would cut well.

The lights I bought came as a pair, one with a warm white light and one that cycles through several colour. One advantage of these decorations is that they fold quite flt, making them easy to store for another year.

I have also been busy in the ktichen, because when I saw all the lovely fresh vegetables in the market, I decided to make a batch of Picalilli, so here is my work space. The cauliflower is the biggest element and that is done in the bowl, and the rest is ready to chop. I salted it and left it to stand overnight, and this morning I rinsed it well and mixed the spices and soon I had ten jars of pickle. I used to make double this quantity, but I am not sure whether I still have a market for it, and chopping double quntities of everything would have been hard on my knees and hands, so I thought this was plenty for now.

I also made a small batch of my hot chili, ginger and garlic jam. This only makes six jars but it is an aquired taste, and doesn't sell as well as the picalilli, but it is actually the one we like, and our jar had run out, so I wanted some more for us, and maybe a couple will sell. We will see!

On Tuesday we had trmendous gale force winds, which blew over one of our large palm trees and smashed its pot, (annoying because it was expensive and newly purchased!), it tossed one of our metal garden chairs into the pool, at the deep end of course so it took both of us to fish it out, and sadly it snapped all three stems of my Echeveria succulent, so now I will  not know whether it would have opened any further, not this year any way!

Our car was successfully fitted with a new clutch on Monday so I feel safer driving it now. I am pleased about that.

I am on a TV break most evenings while Chris watches the football, which I have no interest in, so I am concentrating on my crochet and have made quite a few motifs for my blanket now. I like the way the coloured yarn is working up.

We have had some beautiful evening skies this week and I couldn't decide which photos to share, so I made a collage of some of them.

And that is about it for this week. So I am off to link up with Annie's Friday Smiles. 


  1. Oh what beautiful decorations! Clever you to put it together. I have attempted a paper bauble on the same principles only smaller and it was a right royal fiddle! I felt I needed 6 hands to hold everything together. So: Respect! Well done!
    How awful about the storm damage. We had that storm too but luckily although we had things blown across the various terraces, no real damage.
    How wonderful that you have a new clutch and that you have sent away your Christmas cards. Phew, that must be so relaxing to know. Time for you.
    I remember your piccalilly. Graham loved it! I'm not a fan and I don't think I would like the chilly ginger stuff either as I don't like ginger.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  2. Your paper/card decorations are really lovely...what patience you must have. I'm with you with the football but I might be tempted to watch the England game tonight. Love the you knew I would.
    Annie x

  3. Goodness Kate. I'm glad I stopped by so I don't miss a thing while I am hosting AJJ. Those Christmas decorations are amazing and I can see why they would be so fiddly. You have the patience of Job. Not me. I would have quit after the first frustration, or when the piece I had just added popped out again. These turned out great.

    Sorry to read about your pot and palm. You can glue the pot back together, but the Echeveria succulent can't be put back together again.

    Love the sky shots. Really lovely. Have a great weekend and a good week ahead, too.

  4. Hi Kate, sorry I'm so late it's just been one of those days. Now I know I must get those cards sent that need to go abroad! Fiddly paper crafting but well worth it, looks amazing! My hubby loves sweet Piccalilli but for some reason we just can't get any at the moment and haven't been able to for months, maybe I should make some. Beautiful photographs too. Wishing you a very happy weekend, hugs Angela xXx

  5. Oh those 3d paper sculptures are beautiful I'm feeling quite behind on all things craft at the moment so trying to fit things in as I go. I'm sorry you had damage due to high winds which is one of my least favourite weathers. We aren't interested in the football so we are plodding with our usual TV shows. Love the sky shots, have a beautiful and blessed weekend xxx

  6. Wonderful cloud formations Kate!! That was a bit rough with the winds - we have had some strong winds here too, and repeated electrical storms!
    So sorry to hear of the demise of the Echeveria succulent stems :(
    Crocheting during football sounds a great idea to me also - I am well and truly over watching sports these days.
    You certainly have been busy in the kitchen - that jam sounds amazing!
    Those ornaments are stunning - and well worth the effort I am sure.


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