Thursday, March 19, 2009

Off went the van with my home in it ....

We followed on ..... We had just one week and two days after we arrived in England, to complete our packing. This meant sorting through the parcels I had ordered on line to be waiting for me at the Punchbowl, and repacking them into one large carton. Then I went shopping and bought a few little bits from the craft store, and several items from the supermarket that I know aren't available in Spain, plus some underwear and tee-shirts, and packed them up in another box. On a last minute decision we bought a chest of drawers and two bed side tables as they were much cheaper than the Spanish ones, and we arranged for them to be delivered to our container the next day. So armed with black bags, some strong sticky tape and a pair of scissors, we went to the container with the new boxes, and waited for the furniture to arrive, which it did, right at the time promised. We opened some boxes and used their contents to fill the new drawers, then sealed everything up and left it. On the Sunday morning we had to be at the depot ready for 'Jimbo the Scot' to come and collect everything. The container depot is usually closed on Sundays but he opened up specially for us. It took most of the morning to load up, but everything went in well. It was mostly in boxes and we had bought them from a removal company so they were good and strong, and the three sizes were designed to stack together. We only had a few bits of furniture to take, and as this house was left part-furnished, we were able to leave an arm chair, a table and a computer desk for Mike to have in the flat. I was surprised to find that the lorry was just under half full when it left. Jim was off to Gloucester then to collect enother complete house move and three scrambler bikes, before he went to the ferry. He does the Plymouth to Santander crossing as he gets a good long sleep before he drives again. He does the trip once a month and usually has a full load each way every time.
We then had one week left in England to spend time with the family and relax for a few days. On the Wednesday Chris and Michael joined a group from another pub, and had a day at Cheltenham races, so at the end of the week I had my day out. I went to Birmingham on the train where Ben met me and took me out to lunch. Then he showed me around Birmingham town centre which I had not been to before. I spent the night at his house and in the morning I went to the craft show at NEC. It was strange to be there on my own as Jean has been with me for the last few years, but I had a lovely day, and made the most of this last chance. I don't suppose I'll get there again.
Sunday soon came around again and Mike got us to the airport in plenty of time for our 7.00 flight. That gave us half a day at home and a chance of an early night which we needed, becuase soon after nine the next morning, Jimbo was outside with all our things. We all lent a hand with the unloading. Fortunately I had written the contents on all the boxes so some were taken to the relevant rooms. Even so our garage was bursting at the seams by the time all the boxes were off the van. Now I am gradually getting them all unpacked and wondering where on earth I can put it all. The house isn't too much smaller than the Oswestry one, but the kitchen is very small and has very, very few cupboards. Fortunately there is walk-in larder so a lot of things like the big casseroles and pans can go in there, but I will have to lose some of the bakeware. I was spoiled for cupboard space in my last kitchen and like mum, I do like my gagets. But of course, for nine months of the year I will be doing only the minimum of cooking, so I won't need so much. My craft room looks like a disaster zone at the minute but it will be wonderful when it is all sorted out. I expect everything will be moved around a few times before it is finished, but it will be lovely when it is all done. We have our first visitors in a couple of weeks time, so I need to get it sorted a bit before then. The best bit right now is having our own bed back. It is so comfy. In fact I think it's time to go climb in right now. Good-night!

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