Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Perrys have landed!

Hello again. I said I'd be back on the fifteenth and I thought I would be. Unfortunately we weren't connected to the internet until yesterday, and a series of disasters on my part meant that this had to wait until today.
However, we were up at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning when Mike and Oliver got us to Manchester airport for 5.00 a.m! We had a very good flight. The view was amazing, especially over the snow covered Pyranees. My camera was packed away, but as my mobile has 'flight mode' I was able to turn that on. But I am not used to using the camera on it and by the time I had sorted it out, I had missed the best views. Then when I transferred what I had got onto the computer, I found I had been in video mode, so I have no pictures to show you! Never mind; we landed safely in sunny Spain and we were back home by mid-day, where we found everything as it should be. The climbing plant on our front wall had exploded into a mass of very pale pink flowers, and the air was heavy with the scent of orange blossom from the trees in next door's garden. Even my very sad, tiny lemon tree has a few flowers on it, so I shall be talking to it nicely every day, and you never know, it may reward me with a lemon.
I shall tell you all about the 'move' next time. Suffice to say that we will be unpacking and rearranging for some time yet!
We appreciated the lush green of Oswestry, with the white of new-born lambs, and the lovely daffodils that line so many of the roads around there just starting to open, but Spain has its own beauty, and we were happy to return to the hazy mountain views, and mass of wild flowers that are everywhere right now.
I took some photos of the boys and our grandchildren while we were there, so I will post a folder on our gallery for the benefit of the more distant family members who don't get to see them. I'll label them so you know who they are. They are growing up so fast I hardly recognise them myself!
Now we are off to check the post office box one last time, (hopefully all our mail will come straight here now), and visit the supermarket to stock up on essentials. I will continue my saga tomorrow. Hasta luego!

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