Friday, May 1, 2009

Down Came the Rain

I think I'm back on song titles aren't I? Well today, being the first of May, was a bank holiday in Spain. We still use the authentic May Day rather than wait for the first Monday in May, though I can see the practical side of the UK system. Out here today was also 'El dio de trabaja', or labour day, so all the shops etc were closed and working folk were looking forward to a nice day out, or a family day, but in true British style it rained! I have to wonder, if we can't guarantee decent weather for a bank holiday in Spain, then what's the chance for England? Let's hope you prove me wrong and have a beautiful May Day on Monday.
We started off with an overcast sky but it was very warm and sticky. Then at lunch time the rain started and for a while it was pretty heavy. There is not sufficient rain here to warrant having roadside drains, so when it does rain, the water just flows down the street. We soon had a river the whole width of our road, but fortunately we are on a slight slope so it soon drained away. I was glad that I didn't need to do the plant watering session this evening. Isn't this rose lovely? You could be forgiven for thinking the photo was taken in late June in England rather than early May in Spain. I am so glad yesterday's goats couldn't reach these beauties. I hope to enjoy them for several weeks yet.

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