Sunday, May 17, 2009

The party continues

Well as I told you yesterday, Spanish time does not match true time so although the programme said that the 'party' would start at 10.00, we weren't surprised to find the street still empty then, and the musicians still setting up and doing their sound and lighting checks. The street looked very strange with lots of table and chairs set out, and a big on-street bar selling beer and tapas. We went into a bar for a drink until things got going, but an hour later the whole place was heaving with people. Many families brought their children, who had had a good siesta all afternoon and were ready to play again. The photo on the left shows our street at 10.00, and the one on the right shows it an hour later. There was a lovely atmosphere, and we sat at one of the tables and watched everyone just enjoying meeting up with friends and neighbours, and chatting together. At first the music was 'taped' and relatively low volume, so you could hold a conversation. At around 11.30 the live musicians came on and the volume increased by several decibels! There were three girls and a man who took it in turns to sing, while music was provided by a keyboard, drums and guitars. I guess it was basically Spanish pop music. The singers were very good and we enjoyed listening to it. No-one danced to begin with but after mid-night they started and the space in front of the stage was full of movement. I tried to get a photo of them but they moved around too much and all my pictures were too blurred, so this one shows the singer before the dancing started.
We had had a lot of sun during the day, walking and watching the football, and by 1.30 this morning we had also had enough wine and noise, so we wandered home to bed. I thought the music would keep us awake, but our bedroom window faces down the road, away from the partying, and although we could hear it, it didn't stop us falling straight to sleep. Chris woke up at 5.00a.m. and he said they were still going then, so I don't know when it was all wrapped up, but everything was back to normal today. I have put a folder of picture about the whole day, on my gallery. Feel free to browse.

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