Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Waiting ...

Yes, this afternoon I am waiting. What for? Well his case is packed, and Chris is ready for his trip to UK. But first there is the little fact of an England football match. We have worked out that he can watch it here and we will still have just enough time to get him to the airport. Once there, I will be waiting again, but only for less than an hour, and then Jean will arrive and we'll be on our way back home. I haven't done anything very exciting this week but I thought I'd do one last blog entry as I probably won't do another until Jean has gone back and Chris is home again.

We've had a strange week or so since Jim and Jo were here. Last weekend we had big thunderstorms and overcast days which is very unusual for June out here, but now that has gone and the summer weather is here with a vengeance. It is very hot, and siesta time has become our usual habit. I will be laying down with a book, under the big fan as soon as I have finished this, and I'll probably nap. The drive back from the airport will be tiring if I don't.

The weather has done the garden some good, and my stephanotis is in full bloom. It looks beautiful and the scent is so lovely. I helped my friend Sylvia to move house a couple of months ago, and we spent one afternoon potting up some plants from her garden as her new place has a gravel yard, and some potted plants have improved it immensely. At the same time she told me to take anything I wanted and I'm pleased to say, that most of the pieces I uprooted have taken well in my patio tubs. One real success is the calla lilies. I have tried to grow these many times in England with no success. When I gave up on them and tipped them out, their pots were always full of ants nests. But Sylvia's have grown furiously since I planted them and they now have beautiful bright orange flowers on them. I have seen them in several village gardens and they are always planted in a shaded spot, so I have moved mine onto the front porch to replace the easter lilies which are now dying back for the summer. As well as being a good year for the flowers, this is also a good year for bugs and beasties, but the one who visited us this week was more welcome than others I have shown you. This is a small type of praying mantis. It jumped along rather than flying, and has a much fatter body than the ones I have seen before. I suppose it could have been a pregnant female? Anyway, I put it safely out of reach of the animals. Praying mantis do a good job of feeding on mosquitoes and other nasty bugs, so I am happy to welcome him to the garden.

When we moved in here there was a sign on the front wall that said 'Casa cynder' which is a composite of Cynthia and Derek, the names of the previous owners. (Casa just means house). I asked Cynthis if she wanted to take it as it was personal to them, but she said 'No' so it has stayed there ever since. It has somewhat irked me to have someone else's names on our house all year, so last week, when we saw the little tiles for sale in Mojacar pueblo, we bought some new ones. We still have six letters so we were able to reuse the metal holder from the previous one. Here is Chris putting up the new sign. We are now officially Casa Krispy, which has its own special meaning for us. It has no real relevance, and is not a part of our address, but I am happy to have our own mark in place.

Little Sombra is settling down well and while in my room he comes and purrs around my neck and generally gets in my way! He no longer needs to be isolated but so far I have not been able to introduce him to the other animals without world war three breaking out. However, I feel he should have more freedom to roam around indoors (He can't go out until he has had his injections next week), so this afternoon, I shut most of the doors and opened my room and the kitchen and let him explore a bit. Eventually he discovered Paco asleep in Chris' office and being the sort of kitten he is, he couldn't 'let sleeping dogs lie' (or in this case sleeping cats!). Before long he was playing with Paco's tail and then they were both in the hall eying one another up with due caution. Sombra makes up for what he lacks in common sense with sheer bravado, and he kept creeping up to touch Paco, but when he got too close he got his ears boxed for his trouble. It was quite funny to watch them, but at least they didn't just attack and there was no fur flying, so they may at least tolerate one another before long, but I think it will be a lot longer time before he can be left any where near the dogs.

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