Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back to Normal

Well, I suppose that depends on what is normal. But for me, during the summer in Spain, 'normal' means doing as little as possible, and relaxing as much as possible. So we get up with the dogs around 7.00am, and having seen to their needs, and fed and watered ourselves, I do any necessary chores and then spend time in my craft room with the fan on and the window open, or sit outside in the shade with a good book, a puzzle book, and a bevy of animals for company. Cooling down in the pool occasionally is an added bonus, as is a stroll down the road for a refreshing tinto de verano while the dinner is cooking. Chris is home safely from his week in UK, and Jean is back home with Ron, and her own version of normality. And so it will continue until our next visitors arrive. There are several possibilities but nothing confirmed so far.

Jean and I enjoyed our week together. The weather was beautiful without being so hot we couldn't move, so we managed to visit the market, drive inland to Albox to see what the craft shop there had to offer, spend a day on the beach (I even got Jean into the sea for the first time in several years), enjoy a lovely barbeque/pool party with members of my church, and I even drove her up the rough and ready road that winds into the Cabrera mountains. At home we walked the dogs, tried to avoid the attentions of my annoying but very cute kitten, dipped in the pool, made good use of my craft room and its contents, and ate and slept when we felt like it. All in all, a good week for us both. I even got her back to Murcia airport on time, and only had under an hour to wait for Chris' flight to arrive.

I am making a few changes to my blog, so please bear with me, and any feedback would be appreciated. (It is very easy to leave a comment at the end of each blog entry). Firstly I have gone back to black print on a white page as I thought the blue background made it hard to read. I have changed the font, and the size of the print, and made it 'bold', and cancelled the daily fairy picture as they have run their course I think. Hopefully there will be a picture on the header very soon. Finally, I am very concious that my blog entries are getting too long and this puts some people off reading them, so hopefully they will, in the future, be shorter but more fequent. (I should be writing a book not a blog. I like words and use them freely, but I know I could often say the same thing in a lot shorter way). So I'll do my best, and please let me know if you think there is an improvement.

The photos today are all from my week with Jean, and include ones of her in the sea, making friends with 'Licky-Miki' as my grandchildren called her, both of us swimming in the pool, sitting on a very 'uncrowded' beach, and a couple from the party we went to at my friend Jasmine's house. She has a lovely place out on the campo near Huercal-Overa, with a 10 x 6 meter pool, and a friend whose quiet and retiring husband happily stood in front of a hot barbeque to cook our lunch, while the rest of the men watched the disastrous England football match! As there are too many photos to fit into the relevant paragraph, I will space them out throughout the blog.

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