Friday, August 14, 2015

Rocking Your World 2015: Week 33

I nearly always feature my sons when it is their birthday, so this week I smiling for our fourth son Jonathan, who hit the big 3-0 this week. Here he is with his lovely partner Ella.
Jonathan was the smallest of my babies, but by far the most active. He was a very solemn little fellow, but he was walking before he was ten months old, and there was never a dull moment with him. He had a few problems as a child but I was always there in his corner to support him, and that partly shaped the close relationship I have with him now. His main problem stemmed from more energy than he knew what to do with, so he was always outside, climbing, riding, playing football or skateboarding, and sitting still was not one of his finest accomplishments, hence the problems at school! Later we channeled some of his energy into drum lessons, and he has never looked back. Having chatted to him on his birthday, I found myself going back through the scrapbook I made for him a few years ago. (He has the book of course, but I have a photo of each page in my files). So I thought I´d share some of my favourite layouts with you today. You should be able to click on them to enlarge them, so you can see them in more detail.


He´s going to love me for putting that one on isn´t he?!
These were done before I got into digital scrapbooking, so all the photos were sized in Publisher and cut by hand. I did use my old Craft-Robo, the predecessor to Silhouette cameo, to cut many of the headers and some frames, but it was a lot of work at the time, though I enjoyed doing it.They are not the best photos, but I have improved with photography skills since I took these, but they evoked so many tears and smiles. Precious memories!

It has been quite a fun week after a very quiet one last week, starting off with Sunday night which was the last day of Theatre Week in our village. They usually finish this week with some sort of street entertainment, and this years it was what they just call ´Pasacalles´which literally means ´passing in the streets´. It was a small team of folk in very strange costumes, some on stilts, who walked around the village, pushing a small cart from which issued very loud music, and every now and then they lit a firework or flare, which they held in their hands, waving it over our heads, and then they either dropped the still burning end, or left it in the gully of someone´s roof! It was quite bizarre, like so many of the celebrations out here, but there was a great atmosphere, and everyone enjoyed it. (Even the local guadia who were running around extinguishing any remnants of fireworks, had smiles on their faces!) This didn´t kick off until 11.00 at night, but there were loads of families out with really young children, to join in the fun. Here are just a few of the photos. I am not very good at night time photography so I borrowed some of these from the Town Hall Facebook page, but others are mine.

Then we had a nice evening out on Wednesday when we went over towards Albox for a meal with my choir. We have not had any practices through the summer so it was nice to meet up again for a social night. There were about forty of us, singers and partners, and we sat in a horseshoe arrangements for a lovely three-course meal.

Note how many big bottles of water are on the tables among the wine bottles. You can probably see how hot we were. Most of the ladies had a fan too. We get used to carrying one in each bag for the summer. But we enjoyed it even if we were a bit damp and shiny!

Yesterday we were very grateful for the nice weather. It was no cooler, and just to prove I am not exaggerating, here is our thermometer yesterday afternoon, and it hangs where it never gets any direct sunshine. But although it was still very hot, the humidity had gone. It was the dry heat that we are more used to, and it is so much pleasanter, and easier to cope with. The clouds had gone, and the sky was clear again. But today it is even more comfortable because the temperature has dropped almost ten degrees, and looks like staying down for this week. (I had a quick look at the thermometer at teatime and it was showing 32ยบ. Much more civilized!)

One thing I was grateful for yesterday, was getting a lot of washing done. As well as our clothes, I washed bedding and big swimming towels. I did four loads and each one was hung out on the line, dried and brought back in before the next load had finished washing! Today I did the dogs blankets which they won´t need now until the Autumn, so they smell nice and fresh for storing.

I was waiting for a little order to arrive which was just a couple of embossing folders so I assumed it would come in a padded envelope, sometime next week. So when the door bell rang at lunch time today I was surprised but happy because I thought my order must have come earlier than expected. So I was a bit taken back when the post lady handed me a big box!

What was inside? A lot of air-bags, and hidden among them, my two embossing folders! Why do they do it? Perhaps it is to justify the huge postage charges they add on to anything I order! Still I have something else to play with now, so I am a happy bunny.

As you are mostly aware, my white fluff-ball Arwen lives mainly in my craft room and doesn´t ever leave the house. During these hot weeks, she has spent a lot of time in our bathroom! She tends to do this in the summer. It must be cooler in there I guess. But that is as far as she goes. So I generally close the door that separates our living rooms from the bedrooms, just so she doesn´t stray into the kitchen, as I leave the other cats food in their dishes and they graze during the day. Arwen has a urinary tract condition and is on a special diet, so if I leave the centre door open, when the other cats´dishes are empty, they will sometimes come down to see if there is anything in her dish. Arwen does not like this at all and she starts to growl before they even get here, and if she sees Paco anywhere nearby, then fur is bound to fly. So I was really surprised to go into the hall this week and find that Arwen had not only ventured down to our end of the house, but she was sitting near Tango, and they were both quite happy about it!
I don´t know what it is about Tango, but none of the other animals see anything threatening or confrontational about him. He is almost invisible to them, and they all leave him in peace. If Arwen does, he really has got something special!

Well that is just about it for this week. I have just one sky photo for you. There were no dramatic colours in it, but I like the way the rays are coming from behind the cloud, and there is something up there. Is it a baby elephant, or a long-nosed dog? Either way, I think it is quite friendly!
And on that note, I will go and link with Annie´s Friday Smiles, and Rocking your World, at Celtic House, and I´ll see you all again next week.


  1. I can see Falkor the Luck Dragon off the never ending story in your sky today Kate of my all time fav films :-) I am sure I would struggle to cope with the heat out there Kate.....I'd be lying on your bathroom floor too :-)
    Annie x

  2. Hello you seem to always do such a lot and have lots of fab photos. I really could not stand that heat :-) but would have liked some sun today - cold, wet and grey. My youngest son is also a Jonathan but a bit older than yours - he was 37 this year - his gorgeous daughter is named Ella! She is 7! Thanks for popping by. Anne x

  3. Lovely photos again this week Kate.The street parade looks fun especially as it's late at night. I think Glad for you that your weather is a bit more comfortable, I wouldn't mind a bit more of your sun though as it has rained nearly all day here today.
    Jean x

  4. Great to see your son and the scrapbook pages of him growing up. My husband and two of my boys are drummers (as was their paternal grandad - my late father in law) although none have drumming as their main career. It's very therapeutic.
    I enjoyed seeing the photos of the passacalle. Yes, weird but beautiful.
    I see you had a great night out with the choir. Looks like a nice crowd.
    Have a great weekend,

  5. Oh such a lot of memories in that scrapbook album I still love my paper scrapping like you said so many memories. Your meal out looks lovely and I'm so glad your weather has improved I can't imagine how you've coped in recent weeks. Let's hope your summer returns to normal, have a lovely weekend and week ahead hugs

  6. Happy Birthday to Jonathan. What lovely pages you did for his scrapbook. I think the photos are great, especially the skateboard ones.

    The photos of the celebrations in your village look lovely. Throwing about flares and fireworks sounds a bit alarming though. It looks as if a lovely meal was enjoyed by all.

    I enjoyed reading about your cats. Barbxx

  7. Hi Kate and happy Friday. Well I just love your scrapbook pages of your son, they're excellent. And how interesting life is living in your "village', lots of community gatherings and they are look heaps of fun. Am glad for you that the weather is cooling a wee bit, our's is about to go the other way but are at present still having fresh mornings in the low teens. There will be some hissing and slapping with our cats are we move back into the house, with our two and our sons two - he has the mother and father, mum is not impressed. Have a wonderful weekend Cheers Robyn

  8. You do lead a busy life! I love the scrapbook pages of your son :) How lovely to have them from the very start. Beautiful night time photo- Have a grreat week. Soojay

  9. I can't see the elephant but that pixie in the pointy hat on the roof is cute. I think you have the same ailment as Twiglet!
    Lovely enjoyable post with another great taste of your life in the sun.
    Happy Birthday to your lovely son and I love your LO's.
    Jo x

  10. Oh Kate I cannot image temperatures like that - I think we are dying if we get to 30oC...
    I loved your comment about feeling warm and shiny :-) I can well imaging that!
    Glad to hear you had fun with your new goodies, and that Awen is at peace with Tango.

  11. Hi Kate. I think you sent us some of your hot weather. It's supposed to reach 100 today and tomorrow here in southern California. I loved seeing the scrapbook you put together for your dear son. I always enjoy seeing your photos and reading about your adventures. Have a great weekend. Pat xx

  12. Lovely scrapbook pages. Can you send some warmer weather over here please? Not quite as hot, but just a little warmer!!
    Great costumes.


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