Friday, August 21, 2015

Rocking Your World 2015; Week 34

Another week has whizzed by and I blinked and nearly missed it. Did you? But I still  have some things to be grateful for, but first here is something that really made me smile! A while ago we moved our rather large dining table into the main room, because in the dining room it was always covered with my knitting for Africa etc, and it was never used as a table. It is much better in its new home, but now we very rarely even go in the little dining room, so when I did go in for something this week and I found this, it really made me smile!

Many times during this long, hot summer, I have said "I think I am melting", but my candles have taken that to whole new level. I shall be linking that up with Annie´s Friday Smiles when I finish this post, but first let´s go over to Virginia´s blog and share what else has lifted my spirits this week, and see who else has shared their happy thoughts too.

I was determined to achieve something this week, so I set myself the task of tidying my craft room. It had reached the point where I couldn´t find anything, and I had no space left to work in, so I spent a couple of days putting things away, and cleaning all the surfaces. I am actually fairly organised in here, and there is a labelled drawer for most things, so IF I tidy away after a project is finished, I should be able to find things again, but it doesn´t always work that way. However I now have a cleared and cleaned computer table...
space to work at my desk .....
(even the box of ´sticky stuff´has been cleared out, and tidied), and there is also space under the window, between my desks, for boxes of pens, files of dies, or whatever it is am using at the time. I don´t usually sit at that bit because there are sets of drawers underneath so there is no leg space, but it is still a useful area for putting materials, or my silhouette machine on. (For most of the year, Arwen makes her bed on there, but she is still camping in the cooler bathroom at the minute).
It is strange how things work out sometimes, At church on Sunday there was request from the vicar for someone who could print out our newsletter each week, 30-50 copies depending on the time of year. I knew this was something that I could do so I said I would give it a go. The man who puts it together, and does the printing for our sister church, agreed to e-mail it to me towards the end of the week. Well on Monday, my husband helped me set up a template for it (booklet style), and I did a trial run with the copy from last week, which was successful, so I was all ready to go, but later that day, when I tried to print a scrapbook page, my printer refused to work. It came up with all sorts of error messages, but none of their suggestions worked. I bought a new cartridge as I knew the black was very low on ink, and they said that might be the problem, but it wasn´t. The next day we dug out a previous printer that is almost new, but has never been very good, but that one also refused to work. Chris spent a whole morning working on it, cleaning it and even trying out a new printhead, but to no avail. 
He is a very patient man, much more patient than me, when it comes to anything to do with computers anyway, and he kept trying even though I knew he would rather have been doing whatever it is he does, on his own computer.
Unfortunately, we know from past experience, that these things are not built to last, nor designed to be repaired, so in the end he gave up, and being the lovely man that he is, he straight away ordered a new one for me. It is identical to my previous one which I really liked because it is a wide-format printer so I can print out 12"x 12" scrapbook pages, and also has a photocopier and scanner (+a fax which I don´t use). Because it is the same one again, I can use the new cartridges I had just bought for the old one too.
The new one was ordered Tuesday afternoon, and last night, at around 9.00 (our delivery men stop for a siesta and start again at tea-time), this was delivered.
Within half an hour, it was unpacked, connected up, and I was printing out my scrapbook. Hooray!
I have made good progress with my scrapbook about our holiday in Ireland, adding about seven new pages this week. But, before I put a page together, I always spend quite a lot of time editing the photos. Although I do the actual pages in Adobe photo shop, I much prefer Corel for editing, but I was getting increasingly frustrated with it, as lately it has been running very slowly, and just not working very efficiently. I bought this program around ten years ago, although it was another three years before I got to grips with using it. But it is, of course, very out of date now, and I am unable to find any updates for it. So I went online to look at the recent version and found it is now Corel PSP x8. Mine is x1! So I downloaded a free trial of the current version and spent an afternoon working through some tutorials. I was delighted to find it does everything I want and more, and the system has not changed too much. I also understand the terminology much better now, mainly because I have done a lot of tutorials with Adobe, so I can use it better too. So when my free trial comes to an end, I shall be buying the full version. I am very grateful that I made myself try it out.
With my photos edited, I started designing some layouts. Here are five of the new ones. First there is one designed using a blending mask,
and than I made three pages about Kilarney using photo tray templates.

And finally this one, which I made just using papers and elements from several digital scrapbook kits.
I am pleased with the way they are turning out, but I am only about four days into our two-week holiday, so there are a lot more pages to do yet!
We had some sad news this week, that Chris´s best friend in UK has died, so he will be going back for the funeral. It is not entirely sad, except for those left behind, as it was a blessed release for him, so I feel it is right to include it in this ´positive´post.  The flights were a real problem as it is just after the bank Holiday weekend, and every option he looked at was fully booked, except for one, which cost an arm and a leg for the fare one way! But eventually he found that he could fly out to Dublin one evening, and get an early morning flight on to Manchester, where one of our sons will meet him and drive him down to Shrewsbury. How mad is that? But we are glad that he can manage it, as it is important for him to be there.

Today we have heard from another son to say that he has been able to arrange some days off work and is coming over to stay with us for almost two weeks. He arrives next Thursday. That also means he will be here while Chris is away which is nice for me. This is Tom who we visited at his home in Denmark in July. It will be nice to see him again, and he is looking forward to dipping in the pool and catching some sun. They have not had a very good summer this year in Denmark.
At this time of year we have a sudden and rapid night-fall, with little or no dusk time, so you have to be very quick to catch the sun setting, but tonight I was in the kitchen at just the right moment to see this sky, so I dropped everything and grabbed my camera. Within ten minutes it was gone.

Lovely while it lasted!
Now I will go and link up with A Stitch in Time and Celtic House, and I´ll see you all next week.


  1. Oh my Kate your scrapbook pages are stunning. Waauw.
    Good luck with the new printer ;-)
    Hugs Veerle x

  2. I loved seeing your beautiful scrapbook pages. I have promised myself to start doing digital this winter. I have an old version of Photoshop Elements. I will set myself the task to master that and if I do I have promised myself the latest version. But I don't have anyone who can help me if I get stuck, so for the minute, paper and glue scrapbooking is what I do.
    I love your new printer. Did you buy from a Spanish site? I'd love a printer that does 12x12.
    I did smile at the candles. It's just as hot here, but we are living in a building site so candles are out of the question anyway.
    Thanks for visiting and your comment.
    Have a good week and enjoy your quality time with your son from Denmark.

  3. I had a real chuckle about your candles earlier in the week....I remember the same happening to some we had left in our conservatory mid summer and forgot to open the door to let some of the heat out. Your LO pages are stunning as are your sky pics this week. Thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  4. Your poor candles made me smile. The scrapbook pages are looking really good.
    I am sorry about Chris's friend, but I'm glad that he managed to get a flight to come over even if it is by a crazy route.
    Jean x

  5. What a busy week you've had again Kate. I'm impressed reading about your technical skills. I'm a bit of a dinosaur here technology is concerned and only got a mobile phone a few months ago. I think I must have been the last person in the UK to get one!

    Your scrapbook pages of your holiday in Ireland are absolutely beautiful. I have only ever done one scrapbook which was for my MIL's 70th birthday.

    I'm glad that Chris was finally able to sort out a flight to get to his best friend's funeral. And what good news that your son will be visiting you for a couple of weeks. I'm sure you'll all enjoy your time together and it will be good for him to be able to enjoy the sunshine and your pool too. Take care and enjoy Tom's visit. Barbxx

  6. Hi Kate, well I just love your scrapbook pages, wow they're excellent - and a relief to have a new printer for them and the church newsletter...electronics are great when they work but yes a pain when your have to replace them - not fixable. Love the sunset shots - morning and night my favourite times of day, enjoy your weekend Robyn

  7. Greetings Kate. Wow, you do have warm weather to melt your candles! Sounds like you are quite computer savvy. Good for you. I love the scrapbook pics you made. I'm sure it will be a lovely memoir. My best to you. Pat xx

  8. Hello Kate, thanks for popping by and your kind comments. Love your scrapbook pages. I used to use Corel - but not for about ten years now- my where did that time go :-) How lovy your other son is visiting - where in Denmark does he live- visited Denmark several years ago with my Danish friend and family ( sadly my friend died 18 months ago from ovarian cancer) Have a good week. Anne x

  9. Ha Ha - Those candles!. Your scrapbook pages are gorgeous - you are so clever! Nothing better than a nice tidy craft room :) Soojay x

  10. The candles really do tell the tale of the heat you are having!
    Well done on our digital scrapbooking - your computer skills are fantastic!!
    Great to hear you will have some company whilst Chris is away.

  11. It's amazing how those candles wilted.... I can imagine now how hot it must be for you.
    Your layouts of Ireland are stunning and really make me want to visit again. We have visited all the places you showed. Beautiful skies and what a thrill to have your son staying soon. Sadly my German branch return home tomorrow. We had a week of fun with them and they've been in Porthmadog for several days, back here today.
    Jo x

  12. Kate I didn't know you were printing The Owl and have done them for this week Val has them. The candles reminded me of the Paschal candle in church a few years ago someone left it in the stand over the summer months and I had the job of making it look presentable for Easter.

  13. Oh those poor candles - but they did make me giggle I couldn't work out what they were at first and then it dawned on me. Oh a printer that prints 12 x 12 - that's genius, it's lovely to see you scrapbooking and I agree it's very different to mine! How lovely to have your son coming over to stay, I'm sure he'll be great company whilst your hubby is away, so sorry for the loss but as you say sometimes it can be a relief, it's the ones left behind that you worry about. Hope you have a lovely weekend and week ahead, love those sky photos - beautiful!


  14. Wonderful post and fun pictures, loved the candles. It must really be hot.

    Hugs Diane

  15. Those poor, limp little candles! Our weather is not so hot but last night we had the most weird thunderstorm with non stop thunder and lightening for about half an hour - like a tropical storm. It certainly washed away a lot of the building site dust and dirt! Your scrapbook pages are really lovely Kate. x Jo

  16. Hi Kate, sorry for being so late ... I was away for the weekend and returned to start packing everything away in my craft room ready for a makeover so time has been incredibly limited. After seeing your beautifully tidy room, I'm now suffering from craft room envy ... can't wait to get back into mine again. Those candles are a hoot :) Your layouts are lovely. Elizabeth xx


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