Friday, November 3, 2017

Rocking Your World 2017; Week 44

Considering this has been a fairly busy week, I have very little to write about, and few pictures, but I will start with my little smile. 

I stood in the kitchen calling Tango for ages, and he didn't appear, and then I turned round and there he was, sitting under a little stool I keep out there, just like the little divo he is. Totally unconcerned about me calling him. Perhaps he thought he was on TV!

Well the week got off to a good start with a choir concert on Saturday evening and a repeat performance on Sunday afternoon. This year we off-set our all black trousers and tops with a purple/multi-coloured scarf draped across one shoulder and tied behind us. The concerts were well attended and we all thoroughly enjoyed taking part. Usually we sing to raise money for a charity, and this time it was Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone (F.A.C.E.). This photo was taken from their page as I didn't get any myself.
Over the two days we raised 1,100€ for them, which we, and they, were very pleased with.

For the rest of the week I have been busy designing my calendar to sell at church over the next few weeks. This was an excellent fund-raiser last year. I hadn't decided whether or not to do one this year, but I had several requests for one so I had a go. I wanted a prototype ready for a coffee morning today so people could see it and place orders. I now have orders for the first 15 and I know there will be more when I take it into church on Sunday. 
This year I have based it on illustrated verses from the book of Psalms, and I have used mostly my own photographs, and a variety of photomasks, and other elements in Adobe photoshop, to make each page. Here is the page for September to show you what I mean. I wonder whether my sister Jean will recognise the photo. I took it in Poole when I was staying with her last Autumn. 
Because I was expecting to have a table at my friend's coffee morning today, I have also been busy making a few little items to sell. I have already shown you the lace bells and lavender ladies in previous posts, so here are some little fabric angels I made, using an idea I saw on the internet. I made two more in two shades of blue after this photo was taken.
As it turned out I couldn't go today because a hospital appointment I had for 13th November was brought forward to today. So Chris and I drove over to Jasmine's house yesterday to deliver my items, and this morning we went over to the hospital in Almeria. Fortunately I took a friend from Columbia to translate for me. I could have talked to the doctor about the problems I am having, but I would never have understood his rapid explanation and advice. It is nothing too serious; all to do with the arthritis in my shoulders and neck - just problems that come with getting older!  But now I shall have a lot of X-rays and an MRI scan and then see him again early in the new year.
As we drove back from Jasmine's house last night, the light was fading and all along the motorway we watched this lovely sunset on our right.
And at the same time, a huge moon was rising to our left. I tried to take a photo of that as well, but I only had my phone with me and the camera on that was not up to the job. So when I got home, by which time it was quite dark, I took this one, just because it was so beautiful.
I'll close with two photos from the garden. We rarely see a butterfly out here which I am quite sad about, but for this month there are a few around. Mostly they are like the white cabbage butterflies in UK though there is no cabbage for them here. But on Sunday, I went to church as usual and then I had about an hour to 'waste' before going to our choir concert. That is not long enough for me to go home and come back so I took a packed lunch, and because I fancied a quiet hour to myself, I took it to eat up at the fuente beyond the church. It was really peaceful there, and as I ate my lunch I watched the usual white butterflies flitting around, and down almost at ground level, there were loads of tiny brown ones. I had never seen those ones before and it was fascinating to watch them. But yesterday Chris called me to see a much bigger one on our bougainvillea. It was so pretty and rather than flitting around, it sort of glided. I tried so hard to get a photo of it, but it saw me every time I moved, and kept flying on. This very poor picture is the only one I got! But it is enough to see how big, and how lovely it was.
Here in Spain, a butterfly is 'una mariposa'. I think that has a lovely ring to it.
And finally here is my pot of lavender. I planted these back in the Spring, and they did quite well this summer. They died right down after that, but suddenly they have had a new lease of life, and are again covered in flowers. A lot of people out here have lavender plants on their patios because they are supposed to deter the flies. I can't say I have noticed that, but they smell lovely, and I am glad my plants are still thriving.
So that is it for this week. Now it is time to link up with Rocking Your World and Annie's Friday Smiles.


  1. I am so glad your concerts did so well last weekend, and your coloured scarves look lovely.
    The calendar page is beautiful, I believe I do remember you taking that photo. I don't think our autumn has been quite so colourful this year.
    The little angels are really sweet, I am hoping to get some materials this weekend so I can have a go at making some next week.
    Jean x

  2. Hi Kate, lovely busy week again. Tango looked so cute and I love your scarves. You mentioned on your comment over at mine that you had problems with your Orchids. Don't know if this will help: 1. When watering dunk them in water which contains well diluted Orchid food, I use a bucket, then drain thoroughly before returning the plant to its pot. You can tell if the plant has had enough water when the roots turn green. Never have water in the pot it stands in. 2. Only water when the bark is completely dry. Keep them in a widow where they only get bright sun in the morning, East to West is best. 3. When the flowers die off cut the stem just above the third nodule from the bottom as the plant may well grow a new stem and buds from here. If the stem dies off don't worry just snip it lower down and only water in the morning. Hope this helps, Angela xXx

  3. Ah I love the picture of Tango, cats are so funny sometimes. Your moon photo is epic. The new addition to your choir outfit looks brilliant, I wondered when you might start you evenings again! I hope the hospital can help on the shoulder front too. The butterfly is beautiful, I'm still getting the odd one on the front of the house at the moment but not many now the evenings are turning cooler.

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead.


  4. That is a great photo of Tango! He is truly posing in his Little corner. He made me smile.
    I must say, the new 'black trouser' outfit of the choir is very Smart. The shawls were certainly a good find. You all look lovely. Well done for raising so much money for Arboleas FACE.
    Beautiful calendar you've made there. The autumn colours are stunning on that photo. Tomorrow (Sunday) I am supposed to go up into the Sierra Nevada with the folk from the Photo club to photograph the autumn colours. I'm not sure it is all going to go ahead. People are moaning about the weather... There is rain forecast. Well, we'll see.
    I love your Little angels. They look fun and easy to make.
    Yes, the moon was wonderful the other night. I saw it too.
    I'm off to bed now,
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

  5. Oh kate what a fabulous photo of Tango - my new cat Tinker does things like that!! Love the colours of your choir scarves.
    Those angels look cute - is the main part just a double sided circle of folded fabric?


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