Friday, November 24, 2017

Rocking Your World 2017; Week 47

Hi I am writing this a bit early today. I shall have to rethink my usual evening blog post as my choir has changed its practice time from Wednesday to Friday evening, and although it is early evening, 6.00-800, if it has been a good session I am often too tired to do anything much when I get home. So when I can, I'll be writing during the day. That said, I expect I shall only get half way before it is time to go out today.

My smile to start with is this photo of Arwen. She is a bit more friendly than she used to be, and often comes for a bit of fuss, and sits right here next to me when I am using my computer.
The family I speak to on Skype are quite used to seeing a tail move across their screen. She still doesn't like to be picked up for cuddles, but she does allow me to gently brush her coat now and then. She is moulting everywhere right now, so I may have to take her down to the vets for her twice a year 'sleep and shave'. She really looks daggers at me some days, but I guess she can't help the fact she was born with a grumpy face. Most of the day she sits by our window and just outside below the window is a bench, which is where I found Paco this morning.
He had the good sense to trade his comfy bed curled up on the settee, for a doze in the sunshine. No doubt he'll be back indoors by tea-time.

I had gone round the back of the house to take a picture of the green zone.
As you can see, it was a perfect morning, with a cloudless blue sky. By lunch time it was 24º which is pretty good for nearly the end of November. Days like this remind me of why we moved out here, and make me realise how blessed we are to be here.
As you can see, a lot of the green zone is rather brown, and everything is very dry. We desperately need some good rainfall, and some is forecast for next week. But while we wait we are happy to have the sun instead.
Also from the picture above, you can see a few patches of yellow foliage. The orange trees stay dark green all year, but the one tree that does show some autumn colour is the pomegranate. Their fruit is almost gone now and for a few weeks we have this lovely yellow of their leaves, before they dry up and fall.

Something else that looks really gorgeous against a blue sky, is the deep pink bougainvillea that we bought as a tiny dried up stick some years ago. It has slowly responded to some TLC and this year it was big enough to tie to the fence which seems to have given it the incentive to sprout even more. before long we will be trimming it back. It is already too high for me to tie in the top branches. 
Just beside it you can see some late flowers on the double oleander, which is a similar colour though not so vibrant. Once again several plants are acting 'out of season'. The weather seems to have confused them all.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had forgotten to take a photo of my last little item I made for the sale. Well I decided I wanted a couple more to give to friends so this week I made them as well as one for myself, and here they are.
I saw the original one hanging in my sister's house. It was given to her by a friend who was battling with cancer at the time. She has since sadly lost that battle, but she was an active worker for her church, and we are both sure she would be happy to know her work was continuing to be shared to give pleasure to other folk. The hearts are made from white card and the script is vinyl, both cut on my silhouette cameo machine. The little flowers are die cut and each one has five layers plus the leaves. My sister Jean knows I struggle with the fiddly items so while she was here she made the first few for me, and showed me how to do them. She is a good teacher because I have now made several on my own and am happy with how they turned out.

Today my first two parcels for UK were pòsted and I now have three more ready to go, and then it will be just cards to send. I am glad I am up to my target time for these this year, and won't have my usual last minute rush. I even managed to get my family  and friends news letter ready to go in with some of them. I do still have a couple of December birthday cards to make though.

I am grateful to have a 'techie' husband who helps me sort out problems related to my computer. This week he worked on my laser printer but unfortunately he could only help with part of the problem. I think it is telling me I need a new toner cartridge and that will have to wait for a while, so I am back to my ink-jet one for now. It is perfectly adequate but much slower.

I was happy to get a letter from the hospital yesterday with an appointment for all the X-rays I need to have. I am still waiting for a date for the MRI but at least I know I am 'in the system' and some progress has been made.

Now I will end with a couple of sky photos. The first one was taken as I set out to drive to church on Sunday. As you can see, not every day dawns with a blue sky, and on Sunday it was quite dark clouds. But before long the sun was trying to break through, and there were long shafts of light coming down the Cabrera mountains. This photo doesn't do it justice, but I only had my phone with me so this was the best I could do. It looked beautiful.

And this one was taken last night. I glanced out my window and again saw a lovely peaceful evening sky, with such pretty colours in it.

Then, as the sky darkened, I looked up and saw a tiny, tiny moon rising to add its blessing to the scene.
And with that I am ready to link up with Annie's Friday Smiles and Rocking Your World. Just done in time to go out. I must try to achieve this again other weeks!


  1. What a lovely post Kate. It’s so nice to see your beautiful flowers still making you smile so many thanks for sharing them. Arwen never fails to make me can a cat who is loved as much as her look so grumpy about it? Give her a cuddle from me when she will let you.
    Annie x

  2. Hi Kate, you were early and I'm late as I've been out all day helping a friend choose her wedding dress. Great photos. It's the one thing I always remember about Spain, the lovely blue skies! Your kitties look comfy though Arwen still looks a bit grumpy. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  3. Hi Kate, your pictures with blue skies look lovely, we have had some clear blue sky days as well this week but they came with a temperature of 10-12 degrees rather than 24. Your heart hangers are really nice and you did a good job with the fiddly little roses.
    Jean x

  4. Ah that was a fab post and its lovely to manage to get to it on Friday for a change, I've been late recently, sometimes reading on my tablet but I'm much faster at typing on a proper keyboard so have to be in front of the computer. I love seeing how content your cats on even when they've had their sleep and shave, I would imagine it is a nice reprieve for a while!

    That pink flowering plant is beautiful, there was one cascading over a wall at the hotel we stopped in in Menorca this year and I adored the colour! How fabulous to still have beautiful flowers at this time of year! Your heart gifts are beautiful, how sad that the originator is no longer here but how lovely that her work is continuing.

    I hope your MRI appointment arrives soon, but its comfort to know you are in the system.

    And as always I adore your sky photos, we have been treated to a blue skies day (although its really cold and it is threatened to reach 1 degree tonight and a high of 4 degrees tomorrow!). I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead.

  5. Oh Arwen does make me smile with her grumpy face. Paco looks a bit like our cat and he also likes to spend the day lazing in the sun.
    Your flowers are beautiful. The oleander certainly is out of season. It's a strange autumn. And I have not known a Bougainvillia flower so late either.
    Great that yopu have all your appointments sorted. The MRI cita will arrive in due course I'm sure.
    Lovely sky photos.
    My Fridays are busy too, so I write my blog on Thursday night and post it first thing in the morning.
    The gifts are stunning! How sad that the lady that originally made them has died. But if she was a believer, she is now definitely with her Saviour.
    Have a fab weekend,

  6. Lovely post Kate. I did enjoy the sky photos and those of the cats, including that of the very grumpy but beautiful Arwen. Your hearts are gorgeous - though the flowers do look fiddly to make. Hope you have a great week ahead. Elizabeth xx


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