Saturday, April 25, 2009

I have chosen my destiny

That sounds a grand philosophical title doesn't it? But it isn't really. Some of you may remember that back in June last year I was riding on an elephant in Thailand. Her name was Watsana which means 'Destiny', and I decided that next time I had a cat I would call it Destiny too. Well I heard about a lady up near Arboleas who had four tiny kittens dumped in her garden. They were only just opening their eyes so they they were no more than four weeks old. Unfortunately it is something that happens too often out here. The Spanish have a very different attitude to animals than the British have. Anyway, she took them in and fed them with a dropper. They have moved on to a syringe now and seem to be doing fine. Her dog, Huny decided to foster them so she keeps them clean and warm. Of course the lady is looking for homes for them and Chris agreed for me to take one. This afternoon we went up to see them and I chose mine. He is the one with a tabby head, flat on his back with big blue eyes. He is not ready to come yet, but providing he is feeding himself in another two weeks I should be able to have him then. He will be called Destino which is Spanish for destiny. He is a funny little thing at the minute but he promises to be a fine cat, and I'm sure he'll be worthy of his name.

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  1. I knew you'd get a cat sooner or later! I thought it might take a bit longer than a month (or two?), but can't blame you for wanting to rescue her!


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