Thursday, April 2, 2009

I told you fairies live here!

Many years ago, my sister Dorothy took me to see the film Pollyanna. It's a real tear jerker but I loved it. I've seen it several times on T.V. since then, and cried buckets every time! But the bit I remember the best is when the irrepressible little girl, Pollyanna, cheered up a grumpy old lady by taking the chrystals from her chandelier and stringing them across the window to make rainbows. Since then I have bought several chrystals and hung them in my windows, delighting myself and the grandchildren (I'm not so sure about the boys) with myriads of rainbows dancing on the walls, floors, ceiling and furniture, and on ourselves as well. I did it for the children in nursery too and they loved it. Of course out here there is a lot more sunshine, so I get a lot more rainbows. Now I know that they happen when white-light passes through a prism and by a process called diffraction is split into different wavelengths, each of which is visible as a different colour, but if want to see them as my fairies flying around, even in the day time, because they are so happy to be in their new home, then why shouldn't I? They even let me photograph them, and I managed to catch one in flight!
This morning we did the last of the tasks that required a drill. We have discovered that, good as it is on most surfaces, 'No more nails' tape doesn't work on my kitchen tiles, so today Chris drilled into them and hung my utensil rail above the hob, freeing up some much-needed drawer space. Then he hung a rail across one of the cupboards in the garage to hang shoe-holders from. Shoes are such a nuisance to store, and this packs them all away nice and tidy. Finally we tackled the hall, putting up our 'good' book shelves, more for ornaments than books, as these are mostly on the shelves in our respective rooms. We also found a space for the wall hanging I bought from Chi's mother when she invited us to her home in Sapa, Vietnam. So I've added a couple of photos of this to my gallery, and also replaced some of the others. They were a bit blurred because I had the camera on the wrong setting, and the light was better today anyway. I am not ready to add any more of my room yet, but hopefully I will have it finished by the weekend.

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