Saturday, August 14, 2010

On the mend

I think I am really on the mend now. i can walk around the house quite well, if somewhat slowly, stand for limited periods of time, and bend with extreme caution, so i can do a few light tasks around home, which breaks the monotony of sitting still. i thought Id try walking up to the farmacia this morning (about 100 meters from our house) but it took me ages and seemed like an awful long way. Unfortunately the one thing I still can't do is sit on an upright chair. I am balancing half on and half off my chair to write this, so I am getting pins and needles in my foot and will have to move soon. As some of my followers have taken bets that I will have a photo of my bruise, and expressed surprise that I haven't shown one, here it is! Not a very elegant pose, but sufficiently modest to be decent enough to upload! It is beginning to change colour and fade now, but you can see why I need my 'cushtie' bean bag under it, in order to sit even on a comfortable chair. I don't think I shall be driving until it has gone completely.
As I have been photo free for a while, and also have little news to write about, here are a few random shots taken recently around the house. A few months back I planted a mixed set of pepper seeds and here is some of my harvest. The three small red ones are hot and the others are sweet. I have some round purple ones nearly ready to pick. Jean helped me transplant the stronger ones into a bigger pot when she was here in June, but they would have benefited from some fertilizer once the fruit set. I never was very good at feeding the tomatoes at home.
This is a cicada. it is hard to look at this seeming ordinary, if rather large, 'fly, and believe it is capable of joining with its mates to make the huge din we get all day during July and August. They are at it now and it is almost deafening, and sounds like a really bad electrical fault in the overhead wires. This one was foolish enough to torment my cats one evening so they tried to play with it until they manage to release the mosquito net at the window. This shot up, the cicada shot in, and having whizzed around my room a few times, it fried itself in my halogen lamp!
And finally, as i try to just sit back and relax, I could do worse than to take lessons from my cat Baggins. He lays on my desk like a collapsed soufflé. Everything goes soft and he sort of spreads across the table like he's got no bones. I wish I could just let everything go like that!

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