Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One week later ....

I find it hard to believe that tomorrow it will be a whole week since my accident. I am getting used to hobbling around, and am now mobile enough to negotiate the steps into the garden, so when the shade comes around late afternoon, I sit out there for some fresh air and a change of scenery. I am marginally more comfortable standing up or walking, but only very short term. Then the same nagging ache kicks in that I get whatever position I sit or lay in. You suddenly realise just how 'connected up' we are inside, when you hurt one place and feel it everywhere else! My bruise is growing and changing colour which I suppose is what it should do. Maybe, by the time it has faded I will be able to sit on a proper chair, i.e. at the table or my computer desk, instead of semireclined with a bean bag taking the pressure off my thigh, and then I will be able to occupy myself better. So far this week I have read four books, nearly completed a book of sudoku puzzles, and spent a little time on this lap top each day, and I have crocheted a few squares. Unfortunately, to do my lace, I have to sit right up to a proper table.
Chris has been really good to me, and has even managed to sort out my cats, who still need a fair bit of attention. He is fine dealing with the dogs, but he's not really a cat person so normally I see to all their needs. But they are surviving, so he must be doing OK with them. They take it in turns to come and sit with me, but don't understand that even their little bit of weight means they can't actually sit on me right now.
Fortunately for him, (and maybe for me too!) Chris has been spared too much work in the kitchen. His culinary skills are limited, though he is perfectly capable of producing a meal when he has to, but a friend of mine has been very kindly bringing dinners around, so he has only needed to heat them through.
My ears should probably be burning today as I am missing my sewing group, and my friend Yvonne will be telling them all what I have done. She is going to pick me up to take me next week, as I am assuming I will be able to sit down by then, but probably won't be ready to drive.
A big thank you to everyone who has sent cards, e-mails, phone calls. I am very grateful for all your good wishes.
Hopefully I'll be doing something more interesting to write about in my next blog. You know what they say, 'You can't keep a good dog down', and I'll be back in the swing of things as soon as I am able.

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