Saturday, August 7, 2010

Woe is me!

Why? Because I am in pain. As a result of a silly accident on Thursday evening I have a pulled hamstring! Doctors have always said that I have a high pain threshold, but this was something else altogether. Throughout the house we have a reddish/orange mottled marble floor and it is almost impossible to see anything on it. I just came into the kitchen from the garden and I must have stepped on something and my right leg shot out in front of me and I sort of fell after it. I couldn't move so I just laid there and yelled for Chris. He eventually got me onto my back with pillows under the affected leg but it was obvious that I needed more help. Mick, who runs bar El Naranjo, just down the road, called an ambulance and came to interpret for us. The response time was excellent but it took four paramedics plus Chris and Mick to get me on to a stretcher which they inflated around me so I couldn'r move. Then we were off to Huecal- overa hospital. In the ambulance they pumped me full of morphine which made the journey bearable. After a couple of x-rays that showed nothing was broken (apparently one of the paramedics thought I had broken my hip), I was loaded into another ambulance and taken back home with a prescription for diplophenic and instructions to stay in bed until I can walk on it. The attitude of medical staff here is very different from what we are used to in UK, but I couldn't really fault them. They were fast and efficient, and did their best to make me comfortable. So I spent yesterday flat on my back in bed, which wasn't easy. I'm more of curled up in the foetal position sort of sleeper, but that just isn't an option right now. My leg is now most comfortable straight, and I can stand upright, though it feels as though I have lead weights strapped to my leg, but I can't bend down or sit. The back of my thigh is very swollen and I can't put any pressure on it. With the help of Mum's old walking stick I can shuffle as far as the bathroom, which is one blessing, but I won't be running any races for a while. Chris has fixed me up on his laptop which I can just about manage to check my e-mails and facebook, and of course, I have used it to write this, but I can't add any photos until I'm sitting at my own PC again. So please pray for patience for me. It never was one of my finer points! The cats are all taking it in turns to keep me company which is rather nice.

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  1. Oh Kate, I am sorry to hear about your mishap and hope you are soon out of pain and up and about.


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