Friday, June 10, 2011

Casa Verde

Before we lived here, this house was called Casa Cynder (The previous owners were Cynthia and Dereck), but last year we changed this to Casa Krispy, also a combination of both our names. However no-one takes much notice of this. The post lady knows us just as number 11, and everyone in the village refers to us as Casa Verde which means the Green House. The walls of the house are in fact white, but the trim along the top, the garage doors and the front wall used to be green, though it was always a pale green and now is nearer to a faded aqua. Earlier in the year I mentioned that I had drawn up a 'Things to do in 2011' list, and on it was to repair and paint the front wall. This was quite badly marked and the surface had fallen off in places because it gets damp when the agricultural water flows through a gully just behind it to our neighbour's orange grove. Ages ago we bought some special water proofing solution to paint on it, and also set about finding some paint of approximately the same colour as before. A couple of months ago Chris cleaned it up, filled some of the worst holes, and waterproofed it. But somehow the weather, lack of enthusiasm at the time, and just life, got in the way and the task was never finished. So I was very happy to come home from the hairdressers yesterday to find Chris, roller in hand, turning our wall green once more. And it is very green! We knew the paint was a bit brighter than before, but it looks quite different now it is on the wall. Fortunately we both like it, and it will be a good landmark to look out for whenever we are giving anyone directions to our house! And now we really do deserve the name of Casa Verde. (Hopefully one day the garage doors and wall trim will match, but I'm not holding my breathe!)

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