Saturday, June 11, 2011

More animals

Yes, here I am again. I only did the first part of my post last night because Blogger was being unkind. Not only did the text turn out huge, but it refused to allow me to resize my picture before I published it or to place it where I wanted it, and the ability to click on it to get the full size picture when you read it, seems to have diappeared. Now yesterday, I changed from Firefox to Google chrome for my browser. Chris says this shouldn't have made any difference, but I have gone back to Firefox for this post to see what happens.

Firstly here is a picture of a rather lovely horse that lives across the rambla at the side of the village. While I was watching Chris finishing off the painting of the wall, he walked up the street passed us. He does most nights and he is really well trained. He picks up his feet very daintily and sort of flicks them out. The man sits very tall and proud on him. Needless to say, whenever he goes by the house, our dogs bark like mad.

This next photo is again my beautiful Arwen. She has deserted me today and gone to sit in Chris' office which is most unusual. She hardly ever leaves this room. At this time of year, I have my window open all day and she usually spends all afternoon layed out along the windowsill, as I showed you in an earlier post. But when the evening comes I close the window to keep the biting bugs out, so she has to move. This week she has discovered that an equally warm place is wedged in the little space behind my laptop. It is on all day and does get very warm by the evening. She just layed there and kept peeping round the corner at me. (Note, my screen saver is a picture of me riding the elephant Watsabi, meaning Destiny, on our holiday in Thailand).

And finally I have another photo of those beautiful birds, the bee-eaters. I was driving passed the road where I saw them before and couldn't resist the chance for one more quick look. I actually didn't expect to see any as I am sure someone had told me that they move on in June, so I was surprised to find they were still feeding young babies. I didn't want to disturb them, so I stopped the car and turned the engine off, but I didn't get out. I just sat very still, (that's hard for me!), and took a couple of photos through the window and then left them in peace. I doubt whether I shall see them again this year. But I was quite pleased with this picture of one that flew passed as it shows the colours of its feathers. It's at rather an odd angle because it was diving down to its nest in the mud bank at the side of the road.

As you will have noticed, the ability to do all the things I like to with my blog has returned using Firefox, so I think I will have to stick with it just for blogging. Now I am wondering whether you all see it differently, depending on which browser you use....

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