Thursday, June 16, 2011

La luna

Last night we had a total eclipse of the moon. We could see it clearly from the back of our house and I tried to get some photos. The night setting on my camera has a very slow exposure time and it showed all the trembling of my hands, so there was a red spot dancing all over the sky! So I went back to the auto setting and these were the best I could get. The one on the left shows it when the eclipse was almost complete, and the second one shows the moon emerging back out from the other side.

While I was watching I was attacked by swarms of little bugs coming up from the green zone. needless to say, Chris didn't get bitten at all. The price we have to pay ...

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  1. Nice pictures. I didn't know anything about the eclipse until I heard it on the radio when we went to bed and I think it was all over by then anyway.Jean x


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