Saturday, October 15, 2011

How lucky am I?

Back in early September, the TV craft show Create and Craft featured a set of CDs for designing complete scrap-book pages on the computer, including editing and adding your own photos, choosing backing papers, writing the journalling etc. I am very interested in trying this although I would always want to add some of my own extra embellishments for the personal touch, but I do hope to make a journal of our time in Thailand in this way. Anyway, Chris bought the CDs for me in anticipation of my birthday this weekend. Despite that, as my printer failed completely just as I was leaving for UK a few weeks ago, he also agreed to buy me the new printer that I wanted, although it was a lot more expensive than the normal ones that are readily available everywhere now. What is special about this one is that is a wide format printer so it will print large sheets such as my 12"x12" scrapbook papers. It is also a copier, scanner and fax machine, though I will not have the fax part connected as I have no call to use one. The scanner is very important for me as many of the photos I use in scrapbooks are quite old, so I start by scanning them in and tidying them up on the computer. This, of course, means it is a fairly large machine, a big black beast actually, but I am very pleased with it. I rearranged my room so that I could have it up on my desktop, where it is easily accessible. It took a matter of minutes for the cats to think it was simpy a new place for them to lie down, so when not in use I am hiding it under a bright coloured cloth. Then, even if they do sit on it, it won't get clogged with hair. I have managed to find a pack of A3 paper out here, but that is still about 1cm too narrow for what I want, so I am currently searching for the next size up. I have found some in UK but it will be heavy to post, so now I know what it is I want, I shall go back to the local stationers and see whether they can get any for me.

Family members know that my birthday is actually on Monday and today is Chris's turn to celebrate. He hits a very significant age today so now we are both pensioners! I brought him serveral shirts, a jumper and new music while I was in England, all of which he is very pleased with, and he is now happily playing with his new toy - a very up-to-date high-spec. PC, to replace his overworked and ailing one. Here I would like add a very big 'Thank You' to all family and friends who have sent us cards and/or posted greetings on facebook and twitter. It is nice to know we are not forgotten now we are so far away.

Here is a picture I took while I was waiting for my turn to use the bank machine yesterday.
There are lots of trees in the village and in the autumn the tree surgeons come around and trim them all up. Everything here grows abundantly, but I am always surprised at how much a tree can grow in one year. They are trimmed into a flat, round table so they continue to give maximum shade while looking nice and tidy. The men are so good at it; I could watch them working for hours. This row will all look like the one at the end in a few hours, and all the trimmings will be in the big yellow container just peeping at the corner of my photo. I really admire their skill, and the way they tidy up after themselves. I wish they'd come and tackle our bouganvillia. It is rapidly taking over the back garden so we are going to have to deal with it ourselves in the next few weeks. It's a big job and the space we have to work in is limited, but the worst part is trying to get rid of all the rubbish. There will be masses of it and it has wicked thorns on it, not to mention all the bugs that live in it. Oh joy!!


  1. Happy Birthday Chris! Same date as Len's - oh boy, did you two chaps get spoilt :) And your printer sounds great Kate! We'll be in Southern Spain in November for a week - too far away I know, but still in the same country :) Di xxxx

  2. Di again Kate! I've been revisiting for another look at your printer and have spotted that it's your birthday tomorrow. Hope you have a great day - whatever you have planned. Di xxx

  3. thank you for visiting my blog, hope you have a lovely birthday!!!


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