Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jam, jam, glorious jam!

I mentioned in my previous post that I had bought plums in the market to make jam, and got rather more than I had intended, so Thursday morning I decided I had better do something with them. The yellow plums were a bit bland but I think it sharpens them up a bit and brings out their flavour if you cook them, so I made us a pie with those, and then I set about jam-making with the red ones.

I make plum jam the old fashioned way, peeling, stoning and chopping the fruit by hand. I much prefer little juicy bits of fruit in my jam to the purréed version or to large lumps of fruit that make it hard to spread. It took a long time, around three hours I think, but I feel it is worth the effort. Then I added the sugar and soon it was boiling away. It set well and I filled sixteen jars. They were cooled and labelled in time for my charity evening on Friday, where it all sold, along with some of my 'Hot chilli and ginger jam', which proved to be very popular. I knew there would be quite a few Spanish families there, so I made a mixture of English and Spanish labels. We raised around 800 euros altogether which was a good effort. We are aiming to provide some speech therapy for several disabled children in the village as they have very little government funding this year.

I will have been back home for a week by tomorrow, and the time has just flown by. So I thought it was high time I had all my photos sorted. Last night I weeded out the worst ones, and sorted all the rest and they are now uploaded in a folder on my gallery. I tried to make folders within the folder but couldn't do it so they are all together and they follow on more or less chronilogically. First there are a few from the family gathering at my sister's house following Elmer's funeral. It was not the right occasion to keep flashing a camera around, but I won't be seeing them all again for another year or so, so I did collect a few informal groups and couples. Then it moves on to the walk Jean and I had on the common opposite her house, followed by our walk through the woods down to the chines, and along the coast to Bournemouth. I am still facinated by natural things so such walks for me are a delightful source of 'finds' such as patches of moss, fungi, light shining through trees etc. At Bournemouth you will have to forgive the rainbow of beach huts. They are made from recycled materials and painted in all shades. They were so pretty I just had to take pictures of them all. My next stop was the get-together in Wolverhampton with all my sons, their wives and some of the grandchildren. The next occasion was the trip to Oswestry to meet my new great-grandson, and then on to Mike's house for tea with his two younger boys. Finally I spent time in Birmingham with Ben and we had a lovely walk around Sutton Park which we drove to in his brand new mini (Boys and their toys etc...)

This folder is now on my gallery and is titled 'UK holiday 2011'. As it contains photos of the children and other folk, I have made it a semi-locked folder which can only be seen by readers of this blog using this link. So please click HERE to see the photos, and pass on the link to my blog to any family members who don't usually read it but who may like to see the pictures.


  1. Hi Kate
    Where do you get all your energy from? The jams sound wonderful! If I tell Len about the Hot Chilli and Ginger Jam he'll be on the first flight to Spain to propose :) Off to have a peek at the family photos - thanks for sharing them :) Di xx

  2. Glad your back home safe and sound. That jam looks absolutely scrummy :O) xx

  3. Glad you're safely home and managing to sort all your photos. The jams look great! It's well worth the effort doing it by hand to get such good results.

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. re the mould making - they say they ship to "almost every country worldwide" so I'm sure that includes Spain! I don't know what the Spanish flag is so couldn't check with all the flags at the top of their site. I don't suppose they ship to Antarctica because the mould stuff would probably freeze solid!!

    What's the best outlet for the FP pellets? I found some on Ebay. I'd be grateful for the link!

    Glad you like my framed ATCs. I've still got a lot to do before the sale - boxes to alter, more mirrors... I'm feeling too rough atm to do it so trying to catch up a bit with the blog hop!

    Happy WOYWW.

  4. Hi Kate, me again. Many thanks for the link for the FP pellets - I'll check it out later. It must be a real pain when people won't send stuff out to Spain for you. I thought we had it bad enough here in the UK!

  5. Hi there Kate - very impressed with all your jams there, love ginger jam but no good on chilli, my stomach whinges big time.
    I made some pineapple jam some time back I will paste the link to my blog post with recipe - it is so scrummy in case you want to try it! Lots did from WOYWW. Oh and thanks so very much for popping over. Happy WOYWW, Shaz. in Oz.x


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