Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Lovely Life

People often ask me why we chose this area of Spain to live in, and I usually say it's because we love being sandwiched between the mountains and the sea. Here is what I mean. Yesterday, Chris and I decided to drive down to Mojacar beach, just ten minutes by car from our village, for a stroll along the water's edge and a cup of coffee (or tea in my case) at our favourite cafe where they give free sugared dough balls and savoury pastries with every drink. We had our drinks and then decided it was so pleasant there that we might as well stay for our lunch as well. This was mine; several slices of pork lomo with fresh lettuce and tomato, all in a gorgeously soft yet crispy baguette, with a few chips on the side, and that set me back all of €3 with another one and a half for a pot of English style tea. Chris had an omlette plus slices of ham and cheese in his baguette but that is one step too far for me!

Having eaten all that we decided we had better walk it off so we set off along the beach. I was standing near the main roundabout and on one side of me this was the view; a blue, blue sky over the blue, blue sea. When I turned around and looked the other way my view was of tall palm trees silhouetted against the Cabrera mountains. Isn't it beautiful?

I should know by now that trying to get a photograph of a wave just as it breaks over rocks is nigh on imposssible, but I still tried and this is the best of a bad lot. But it was lovely watching it while I tried.

I love this time of year when the sun still feels quite warm on my body without it scorching my skin. This morning the market stalls had their new stock of furry slippers, but I hope we have a few more weeks of this lovely sunshine before we start needing any of those!

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  1. Your so lucky Kate, how fabulous to have all that beautiful scenery on your doorstep... :O) x


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