Friday, July 7, 2017

Rocking Your World 2017: Week 27

Hi folk. I'm back after a whirlwind week in UK. What a happy week it was, and here's the reason why. Son number four - Jonathan with his new wife Ella, both looking so happy, as every bride and groom should.

 More about the happy day later, but now we have had the event I can share some of the things I have been busy making for them over the past few months.

It isn't easy when you are many miles apart, but we shared ideas by e-mail and eventually settled on an art-deco design in gold on a black  background. I was determined to make them whatever they chose but I admit I was a bit daunted when they said black, but it really did turn out very nicely. This was the basic pattern.
The design was cut from gold vinyl, and I cut nearly 100 of them on my silhouette cameo machine. Before I could use transfer tape to put them onto the black base cards, all the unwanted areas had to be weeded out. There were 110 pieces to remove from each one! I used one of my favourite fonts called Yana, to put the word "Invitation" across the centre of each one. Then I printed the inserts in black on white heavy paper, some for those who were invited for the whole day, and a different one for those who were invited to just the evening party.

Next I used the cameo design software to stretch the design to fit the front cover of a guest book with a plain black cover that I managed to buy from ebay, and I replaced the word "Invitation", with "Guest Book" They had a sort of polaroid camera so the guests could take their photo and stick it in the book with their good wishes. it was a fun idea until the camera gave up, and the last few had to just write for them.

To complete this trio I made a matching post box for their cards. I knew it needed to be quite big for this, and fortunately I found an old box from an Amazon delivery, that I was able to alter and cover in black card. This time I had to stretch the design quite a bit, but it still worked, and the couple told me what words they wanted on it. I added a roof with a generous slit in it, and decorated both slopes, and the sides with simple art-deco frames.
Finally came the favour boxes to go on the table for the lunch time meal. I made a few different designs for them to choose from and fortunately they chose the best one for me, because I could cut them out and decorate them, and pack them flat to go in my suitcase. So when we arrived Ella and I spent an evening assembling them, and popping  a little bag of jelly beans in to each one.
We soon had all seventy of them filled and closed up, ready to be delivered to the venue the next day.
There wasn't a lot we could do to help them before the day, so it was nice that I was able to make these, and they were very well received, so it was all worth while.

The actual wedding was on Sunday, which was quite unusual, but they couldn't have chosen a better day. There were a few fluffy clouds in the morning, but by midday they had gone and it was bright sunshine right through to the evening. Some folks even had to resort to using sunscreen.

The venue was beautiful - an old country house called Sweeney Hall in Oswestry, Shropshire, where they both grew up. It was set in lovely grounds with several separate areas of grass and flower beds, and lots of comfy outdoor seating. We were among the first to arrive so I took the opportunity to take some photos before there were too many people around. Next week I may have some more official photos to share, with the actual guests in them!
This is Sweeney Hall.
On the lower lawn there was seating under a pergola, and this is where they said their vows. Ella arrived on her dad's arm to the music of Jane's Addiction! Jonathan plays drums in three heavy  metal groups, and that is the type of music they like.
She looked radiant in a white dress with a lace overlay. It was almost backless but was joined at the waist and neck with silver buttons in the shape of skulls. She also wore a bracelet of skulls! Her bouquet was slightly goth style with dark plum calla lilies and blue sea thistles. Jonathan had a dark plum suit with a black shirt and tie. It is a long way from weddings as they used to be, but suited them perfectly.

The registrar was a lovely man with a great sense of humour. He made several jokes, and really made the ceremony such fun.

Over to the side of the pergola, there was an archway with a high flowering rose around it, and we all took a turn to have our photos taken by it. Even Chris and I did.
While this was being taken, there was a tractor herding sheep in the field to our left!
We all sat outside to enjoy a cocktail after the ceremony, and then we all went back down to the seats for our oldest son Jim (who is a vicar) to say a few extra words. Then there was a brief interlude before the meal so I popped into the marque to have a look, and it was stunning.
You can just see several glass baubles hanging from each blossom tree, which each had a battery operated tea-light in it. Also the black section of the ceiling was threaded with tiny fairy lights like stars, so it was really pretty by the time the evening party was underway. I did take a photo, but it didn't come out too well.
Now for a couple of group photos that I am pleased with. The first is of our oldest son with his wife and three children. They are all rather camera shy so it is very rare to get a picture of them all smiling like this.
Needless to say, the second one is of Chris and I with our five boys (I should probably say men now, but they will always be our boys to me). My prescription glasses are reactolights, which I need in the bright sun out here, but unfortunately it means they are quite dark in most of the photos. But I love this line up all the same.

And now for a couple of other happy moments from our week away. After two days in Manchester, staying with Jonathan and Ella, we left them to do their final preparations and moved on to stay with Ben in Birmingham. As you must know from earlier posts, he is our youngest son who sings and plays the piano. He has just invested in some very complex equipment, I think he called it a midi file controller, that enables him to play his music on the keyboard and the controller plays it in a variety of instruments. The piano sounds amazing, but in this picture he is demonstrating the brass family to me. Each colour light section plays a different instrument, and they blend together as though he is playing in a brass band. It is all clever stuff, and I can see he is going to have loads of fun 'playing' with it.
Ben does shift work and happened to be off on Thursday so he drove up to Manchester to collect us. We all walked round to a lovely bar/restaurant for some lunch before driving back, and we spotted this on the patio. It did make me smile.
And I will leave you there for this week. Now to link up with Annie's Friday Smiles and Rocking Your World, and I will be back with more, next week.


  1. Lovely photos Kate. I'm so glad the weather was kind and you all enjoyed a happy family day.
    Jean x

  2. That was a joyful post to read, Kate! Thank you for sharing all the photos of the wedding, your handsome family, and all the brilliant creations you made for the happy couple! That gold on black is so elegant and I love the little jelly bean table favors! I can just imagine that photo of you and your five boys (yes they are, always!) enlarged and framed in your home! You must be so proud of them all!! Hugs, Darnell

  3. What a wonderful, albeit brief, visit you had Kate. What joy to be surrounded by family on such a special day. Your invitations, post box and favours boxes are amazing - you are very clever with the cameo!!

  4. Congratulations! What a lovely pair they make!
    Wow! You made some beautiful things to embellish the event. Very intricate and a lot of work no doubt. Well done you! I bet they were pleased as punch.
    The venue looks stunning. And yes, I could see the baubles with the tea lights. Great idea.
    Ben's midi file controller looks awesome. I suppose it comes as a special keyboard with a compliated computer program. Sounds fascinating. I'm sure he'll have lots of fun with that.
    The 'dog brew' made me smile too in fact. What a kind thought to have a special barrel (of wáter) for the dogs...
    Have a great week,
    Hope it's not too hot your way.

  5. Oh Kate what a lovely post. Such happy memories of their special day and you're very obviously very proud of your boys (and so you should be). Thank you so much for allowing us to share it with you.
    Big hugs,
    Annie x

  6. Lovely post, Kate. The photos taken at the wedding are just fab and how nice for you to have a photo of all your boys together with you both. Once children have grown up it is a bit of an event to get them together long enough for a photoshot - I know: I can't recall the last time I got my two together! You were busy before the big day - everything you made was just perfect too. As usual, many thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

  7. Hi Kate what a great time you must have had. Weddings are always a great chance to get the whole family together which doesn't happen too often. I love Art Deco and everything you made. Many thanks for sharing this special day with us, Angela xXx

  8. What a perfectly enjoyable post. I smiled from start to finish with joy in my heart.
    A lovely couple and how nice to see them looking traditional but managing to have a touch of Goth(iness) in what they wore. The couple by the archway aren't bad either, love the purple, it really suits you and you look lovely the two of you.
    Love the marque - yes, it really was spectacular. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  9. Hi Kate, thank you for your kind comment on my blog. It is a small world isn't it? Your sons wedding looks beautiful. Congrats to the happy couple. It's so nice that all your dear family was there to celebrate this happy occasion. And, the invites you created are so beautiful. Your lovely Sophie's Universe blanket inspired me so I ordered the pattern book. It arrived yesterday. I have a bag of Stylecraft dk yarn that I plan to use. I'm so excited to start this project. Thank you for the inspiration. Enjoy your week! Pat xx

  10. Oh my goodness - it looks like an utterly fabulous day - I love love love the photos and the detail on the wedding dress - fantastic. How lovely to have you all together for photos too! It must have been brilliant catching up with family! We on the other hand were in Menorca - hence the rather poor rocking post this week! I will make up for it next week though.

    Much love


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