Friday, July 14, 2017

Rocking Your World: Week 28

This is going to be a short and sweet post as it has been so  hot here this week that I have done as little possible. Also it is Fiesta week in our village, so from tea-time onwards, it is very noisy with three main sources of music all vying with one another to be the loudest, and they don't stop until at least 6.00 a.m. the next morning. With being away in UK for a week, we had not realised how close to the fiesta we were, but on the first morning we were back, our usual route out of the village was temporarily blocked by this lorry.
The man is busy putting up the lights that are strung across all the streets. Of course, now the fiesta has started they do look very pretty. This is a particularly colourful one this year.
Wednesday was the first night, when for a few hours, all the fairground rides are a bit cheaper for the children, so there were lots of young families milling around. We went over for an hour or two, and although not all the stalls are open on that night, there was still a good crowd out to enjoy it.
We will be going over later tonight to watch the local school of dancing children doing their traditional Flamenco display. And there will be other things to enjoy over the weekend, ending with a big open-air mass on Sunday evening.

With rather disturbed nights we have been making sure we have a siesta in the afternoon, though some days it has been too hot to laze outside. The pool is a welcome way to cool down around midnight, and the aircon makes the bedroom bearable even though we turn it off when we go to bed. This is the only week all year that we sleep with the bedroom windows closed, but we do have the ceiling fan on all night to keep the air moving.

During July and August, most of the usual groups and clubs have a break, so we have some time to catch up on all the jobs that have been left undone for months. So this week, Chris has drastically pruned a tree in the corner of our yard, and while he was cutting, I was shredding it to make it easier to dispose of all the branches. Then yesterday we tackled the small back strip of yard outside the kitchen door, and moved a tall plastic storage shed from the far end, up to the middle to stand next to one that was already in place there. Of course this meant emptying it and sorting through everything. We found ancient tins of paint and varnish, tail ends of garden treatments, a box of light bulbs and one of string. We worked on the premise that anything we haven't used since we arrived over nine years ago, can probably be disposed of! The second shed is used to house the boxes of dog food, and also all my plastic boxes and containers that I can never quite throw away. But I sorted those out too and did manage to dispose of two carrier bags full, so we now have two tidy cupboards, and a much neater yard.
Recently we bought three other storage units, similar to the big ones but only half height which run all along the wall of the house now to store big cooking pans, electrical 'gadgets' and anything else that I struggled to find a home for in the kitchen. So the yard is really my extended kitchen and everything is much easier to access now, so I am pleased with it.
This yard strip becomes much narrower at the front end, where it runs alongside the side of our garage, and the cupboard we moved had been used as a barrier across this while the dogs were puppies. They don't need that now, so we were happy to move it. There is still a low fence panel across there, and as soon as it is cool enough to work out there again, we are going to remove it, and a few of the crazy-paving blocks, and plant a couple of climbing flowers to hopefully ramble across the garage door.
The only other thing of note that I have managed this week, is to make a double batch of piccalilli and one batch of hot chili and ginger jam! Chris said I was mad to attempt it in this heat, but I have several orders for both, and I had promised to try and get some made. For the piccalilli, all the vegetables have to be cut up and left to soak in salt overnight, before they are rinsed and cooked, so I sat out in the porch all evening peeling and chopping. It is actually fairly quick and easy to finish it off the next day. The chili and ginger one has quite a lot of garlic in it too and it makes the kitchen smell for days afterwards. But my cupboard is well stocked now and supplies should last until the Autumn.

Most months I make a card to enter in the Butterfly Challenge, and as I won this challenge a few months back, I was asked to be a guest designer for one challenge, so this week was my time. The challenge was to make a card with at least one butterfly on it, and using the themes of M for Matching pair, and/or the colour Orange peel. I wanted a cheerful card to send to someone, so that is what I made. This was my design, and you can read more about it on my craft blog by clicking here.
And that is it for this week. It is time now to get some tea and head over for the dancing. Virginia is taking a couple of weeks off, so I am just linking up with Annie's Friday Smiles for this week.


  1. They sure know how to party over there in Spain don't they? 6am!!! I just couldn't manage the pace even with a siesta. We do have very happy memories of the carnivals while we have been over there on holiday though.
    You sound to have done really well with your clearing out and sorting....especially in that heat Kate. I hope it cools a little for you soon.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x

  2. The festival and lights look like so much fun! Each time you write about making piccalilli,it makes me hungry. I'm sure your piccalilli is much loved. Stay cool and have a fun weekend! Pat xx

  3. Disturbed nights.... we know all about those. We have only this summer invested in some ceiling fans. But we haven't one in the bedroom as we don't intend to sleep here any longer in the summer now that the ground level bedroom is ready. So as son as our guests leave next week, we will move into that bedroom, which is much cooler and has a fan.
    Our fiesta is in August and I confess I have never been. Perhaps we should have a look this year.
    Piccalilly! I have fond memories of your piccallily. You do a great job. What was the ingredient that I need that I couldn't get? I was going to make some too. Was it a certain type of vinegar?
    Your back yard looks very tidy now. Doesn't that giove you a satisfied feeling!
    Have a great weekend,
    and keep smiling,
    Greetings from hot hot Caniles,

  4. What a shock to come home to the fiesta noise!! The lights look amazing though.
    I do love the fact that your storage in the back strip is actually an extension of your kitchen - we couldn't so that here!! :-)

  5. Oh that's a fabulous post - love that you've had a good tidy (we've just come back - where do I start - I'm on the seventh washload of the day - nearing the end (thankfully).

    It was hot enough in Menorca, but I understand mainland Spain has been even hotter. I hope you are managing with the heat.

    the festival looks fun if not a little noisy - I will miss our siestas as we go back to work tomorrow!

    See you on Friday - hugs


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