Friday, February 13, 2009

Home sweet home

Yes; At last we have the keys to our new home. This morning we went to our solicitor's office in Mojacar to fill in the last few forms, and then she took us to see the Notary. While we were waiting for our turn, her secretary read everything to us in English one more time, then the notary read it all to us again in Spanish, we signed it, and then we all shook hands and they gave us the keys. Tom and Jessie met us at the house so we could show them around. We cracked open a bottle of sparkling cava to drink a toast. It was a lovely day so we sat outside enjoying the sun. Several of the neighbours called out 'Holá' to us, so I am sure we will soon get to know them. The pool looked really inviting and I couldn't resist putting my toes in, but it was very cold! I wonder how soon we will be able to get right in.
The house was left beautifully clean and tidy, and there is enough furniture for us to begin with, though we will have to buy a few pieces eventually. At least I have a cooker now! During next week we will start to move our 'stuff' over from the flat. Then I can get this place cleaned up too before we return the keys to the landlord. I will miss seeing the sea when I open the shutters each day, but it will be super to be in our own place. Now all we need is to get our belongings out here and we'll really feel at home.

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