Friday, February 13, 2009

A lovely day out

Tom and Jessie have had a super week here. They hired a car and have done some exploring on their own, but today we agreed to go out with them. As we feel deprived that we have not shared all that cold white stuff with you folk back home, we took them up to the Sierra Nevada to find some snow! And we certainly found some. It was beautiful. There was more snow around than when we went up with Jonathan at Christmas, but it was melting faster too. Little snow ploughs were keeping the paths clear, and we watched some brave souls who were roped to a chimney, using picks and shovels to remove thick snow from the roofs before it fell onto the people below. Beautiful icicles hung from all the buildings, and we all got chilly drips of water on our heads and down our necks.
After lunch we drove to a place called Orgiva to visit some friends of Tom and Jessie, who they spent a couple of weeks with last summer. Orgiva is a pretty white village nestled in the Apuljarras range of mountains, which gained some fame as the home of Chris Stewart, author of 'Driving over lemons'. (A diary of how this ex-drummer from the band Genesis, bought a run down farm a few miles from Orgiva, rebuilt it and brought up his daughter there. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in life in Spain). Glyn and Fabe, who we were visiting, have a charming cortijo on the edge of the village, with lots of land, planted with various fruit, nut and olive trees, vegetables and flowers. We spent a lovely time drinking tea on a patio hung with wind chimes, suncatchers and colourful 'Arabian turban' gourds. When we heard jangling bells we went to the gate to greet their neighbour Minola as he walked his herd of goats home for the night. Then we chatted in the garden while watching the setting sun lengthen our shadows across the grass.We left with a huge bag of oranges that we had helped to pick. It was very dark by the time we got home, and we had to take a last couple of photos of a huge orange moon reflected in a calm dark sea. A lovely day! See my gallery for more photos.

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