Saturday, February 14, 2009

Images from the garden

Yesterday we got the keys to our new house so today we drove over there and 'got aquainted'. It was another lovely day. I dug out the loungers and we sat by the pool for a while. Then I went around the garden, watering plants and generally finding out what was there. I discovered all sorts of treasures. There is a good range of plants, from palm trees to cacti, to various succulents and very English looking roses. I found lots of ceramic plates, pots and ornaments, either hanging on or embedded in the walls, and a rather nice water feature, though this needs a new pump to get the water flowing. There are even some odd ornaments wearing sun-glasses. I wouldn't have bought them but they are quite fun so I expect they will stay. The plate in this photo shows 'Indalo man'. He is the symbol of Andalucia, and is based on cave drawings found near here. He can be seen on houses, vehicles, road signs and company logos, and if you are given one it is supposed to bring you good health and happiness. Chris spotted a tiny, pale lizard on the back fence and called me over to see it.
I found so many interesting things, so I decided to take some photos and make a folder on my gallery. I shall post them up now. One day next week I will make another gallery of images from the village.

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