Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spring has sprung

Well we have been enjoying a lovely week with our visitors, Jean and Ron. The weather has been very kind, and although we have had some days when the wind has proved too chilly to sit out in, we have also managed to have our breakfast on the verandah on several occasions, and we have spent many days sharing some of our favourite haunts with them. Chris had to find his sun hat for Ron when his scalp took on a 'pink glow', and we have had little need for our coats all week. Today we drove inland a little to the Arboleas/Albox area. We bought churros and lovely smelly manchego cheese from the market. We also stopped along the way to photograph this beautiful almond blossom. The trees are in flower everywhere, sometimes in small plots with lots of trees on, and sometimes lone trees along the roadside. (We can't decide what to call a lot of them together. It's an orange grove or an olive grove, so perhaps it is also a grove of almonds!) Anyway, whatever they are called, they smell lovely and look beautiful and are a sure sign that spring has really sprung. Despite this we will be phoning the airport tomorrow to find out whether Jean and Ron have a flight home. Their son is stranded in Tennerife tonight because Bournemouth airport is frozen so no planes took off, so maybe they will get an extra day of our sunshine. We will have to see what tommorrow brings.

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