Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boys and their toys.

This is really just part two of the post I did earlier today when I mentioned a little about Ben and Mike so just to balance things up, here are two more of our sons. 

Firstly Tom, who spends most of his days hunched over a computer, and his evenings spinning vinyls, has found a new interest in cycling. He has bought a good bike and spends a lot of time with the young people from the bike shop. They go out some evenings and at the weekends, and sometimes they do really long rides through the Welsh countryside. Tom posts some lovely photos that he takes en route.  It is so good for him to do something out in the fresh air after his days in the office and he is a lot fitter now too. This weekend he joined his friends to form a team and they entered the Wiggle Mountain mayhem 2013 challenge, where the idea is to take it in turns to cycle laps of very up and down terrain, and see how many laps they can complete in 24 hours! His team came 46th out of 83 in their group which wasn't bad for a first attempt.

Then today Jonathan sent me an invitation to 'like' his Skulldozer page on facebook. Skulldozer is a duo, Jonathan on drums and his friend Jake on guitar and singing. They are recording an EP to use as promotion around local venues in the hope of getting some bookings. They have done a few already. On their facebook page he has just uploaded this video of him recording the drumming track for one of the songs. Jake will do his part later and then they will mix it. He has now given me the link for it on youtube so I can share it with you. Just click here to watch it. You can hear a quiet backing track that he has to play to, but it will of course, sound better (if you like that style of music), when it has all been put together.

Jonathan is doing a college course this year one day a week, studying studio work, how to record, and mix music professionally. He has just got back one of his five assessments for this year and he achieved 96% which they said was exceptional, so I am really pleased for him. He would love to have his own studio one day.

That just leaves our oldest son Jim, who I am sure has also done something amazing this week. As a vicar he has a much wider 'family' that puts heavy demands on his time, so we don't get the chance to chat as often we'd like to, but it is his birthday next week so I am sure we will be exchanging news then.

You have to admit they are a very mixed bunch aren't they? But they all have their talents. They live very different lives but they love to get together now and then, and it is good to see that, now we have left them to come and live out in Spain, they are still keeping touch with one another, and the bonds of brotherhood are growing stronger with the years.


  1. Ah just read the two posts, haven't had chance to see/hear the links as I'm dashing out to work shortly but I just wanted to say that it's fantastic to see how proud you are of all your children and what an amazing bunch the seem!

  2. You are justly proud and what an achievement for you to know you have reared such fine people.... but then you are lovely yourself!!!
    Jo x


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