Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thinking things through

Hi. Posts three days on the trot! What am I thinking of? 
Well today this is a quick post so I can share something I put on facebook today. I know many of the family don't use Facebook so you won't have seen it. I consider all five of our sons to be our greatest blessing, so you could say I am biased, but I always like to give them credit when one of them does something that shows they are 'thinking men'. 

So here are a couple of contributions from our youngest son Ben, and our next to oldest son Mike. This is a direct quote from my Fbook post.

"So proud to have 'thinking 'sons, who won't just accept what is happening in the world. Here is the latest song by our youngest son Ben: https://soundcloud.com/ben-perry-7/desperate-times-desperate
And this piece, written by Mike, was quoted by Shropshire Family Information Service: 

Enjoy, and comment if you'd like to.

P.S. Mike turns 40 in July, and at a family party in September he is going to shave off that mane of hair with sponsorship to raise money for the Severn Hospice, where he works as Fund raising adviser  He did the same on his thirtieth to raise money for my nursery and his village, so I know it will soon grow back -- grey this time perhaps?!!

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  1. How blessed you are with your lovely sons. I love Ben's song and he has great talent and it is so good to know they are all leading such worthwhile lives and passing on the best of values.
    Jo x


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