Friday, June 28, 2013

Rocking my world this week.

I can't believe another week has flown past but here I am looking back over it and smiling at the good times.
On Saturday it was the day of the annual, local road run (carreras populares 2013). I was going to call it a fun run, but some of the athletic club members took it very seriously. It started in the afternoon with short distances for the tinies, and longer ones for the older children/young teens. then at 9.00 in the evening the adult race started.
Later again, when it was getting dark, it was fun to see the smallest competitors jumping up on the dais, eager to receive their medals.

Sunday evening was also busy with a charity concert that we attended. They were raising funds for the British Legion and MACS. It was open-air, and was held in a small amphitheater in the grounds of someone's house. It was a lovely setting for a concert.
We enjoyed hearing our friend Eileen singing song from the shows. It was a very good evening's entertainment.
And then we saw the 'super moon' as it rose from behind the hills over at the side of us. Beautiful!
On Monday I took my beautiful, but grumpy cat, Arwen to the vet for her twice a year hair cut. She is not friendly enough to do it while she is awake so the vet gives her an anesthetic first. She looks very cute now, and is actually so much happier that I get to give her the odd cuddle. I always like  to keep her fluffy face, paws and tail so everyone calls her a 'poodle-cat'.
That same afternoon our big, soppy girl, Miki also had a trim. She is very amenable so she goes to the groomer for a quick all over trim and a bath, so now she is also more comfortable for the hottest months, and she sheds less hair everywhere too. She looks like a different dog doesn't she?
Wednesday was an exciting day. We packed a picnic and set off early for our favourite beach - Los Cocedores, and we arrived just in time for a baptism service with members of my church.
We sang a couple of hymns first which gained us some interested spectators, and then there were eight candidates who were baptized in the sea. Four were Romanian, three British and one Dutch, so it was an international occasion.
Afterwards we all had our picnics and relaxed in the sun. I even managed my first swim in the sea this year, and it was lovely.
(Yes, I had a hair cut too, but I wasn't going to tell you that!).
And finally, something that always makes me smile. Every day around tea-time, I have rainbows dancing round my kitchen as the sun and breeze catch the crystals that I have hanging in the window. Aren't they pretty. I love them. I got the idea years ago, the first time I saw the lovely tear-jerker film Pollyanna, and I have had at least one crystal hanging up to catch the sun ever since.
How lucky I am to have so many things to smile about. So now I will pop over to Celtic House to link this up, and share other folks happy moments, and I'll also add it to Annie's Friday smiles, while it is still Friday!


  1. Oh really do have such a lot to smile about. I love your rainbows.....I need one of those :-)
    Annie x

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time this week. I like the before and after photos of Mickie, doesn't she look smart now.
    Jean x

  3. What a lovely week and so many lovely activities in the sun

  4. Ah you've had a fabulous week, how amazing to have the baptisms in the sea - that's awesome! Love that you got to swim in the sea and not a little envious! the fun run sounds great too! And the crystals are gorgeous, I used to have one hanging up but not sure where it's gone think said 12 year old had it in his room for a while, I'd forgotten how pretty the light refraction is! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


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